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When I bought a box of these I figured they would be good to have around for mild afternoon smokes and game night giveaways. How bad can a Fuente be? Pretty bad. The medium filler tobacco comes out in your mouth as soon as you light it. The taste starts off fine, but gets nasty toward the end. Same with the aroma. It starts off reminding me of my grandfather's Corona Coronas, but by the time you get to the end, the butt smells foul. No wonder these are not moving out of the humidor. There are lots of better cheap cigars than these.
Joe in New York May 15, 2011
"Not too bad for the money!"
This is a good cheap smoke! Great for the newbie! Smoke is very aromatic and taste is very good. Draw is a bit inconsistent but the price is right!
Rick in Indiana December 14, 2010
"Very inconsistant, but ok for "cheap" smoking"
I initially had good impression of these cigars, but soon found them to be very inconsitant, both flavor wise, draw etc. Taste is ok sometimes and unacceptable other times. I personally do not care for the very light packing style. Draw is too easy, burns uneven. These are ok for occasional "goofing around" but should not be a part of a serious smokers selection.
C. Callaway in Davenport September 22, 2008
"great cigar"
This was my first time buying a box of these and I was completely satisfying. The construction was not great but the quality of the smoke was smooth and mild. I could smoke 3 day easy, the best part is that they are not harsh and could be smoked until you burn your lips. would recommend to beginners any-day of the week.
john in boynton beach May 15, 2008
"Inexpensive, but watch the draw"
I enjoyed several of these from my local tobacco shop. Nice, mild, inexpensive cigar. So I bought a box. I found that 1/3 of them were so tight, I simply couldn't smoke them. And it takes a lot for me to throw away a cigar. At least another third were tight enough that I felt like I was fighting the cigar the whole time. Only about ten or twelve had a draw loose enough that I could enjoy them. So what to do? I hope I just got a bad box, and may try another one of these days. As for the good ones: the Curly Head is a mild, inexpensive cigar. The filler is very short, so it spreads a lot of ash around. If you can live with that (and the inconsistent construction) it's not a bad cigar to have around. Great for beginners who are experimenting.
JB Barnes in Anchorage, Alaska January 27, 2008
"A real deal on a very good cigar."
Got my first order from famous a few days ago.Shiping was very fast,cigars were very fresh . I have been paying several dollars more for curly heads,from another cigar store.Glad I found this place.
james cole in AL November 11, 2006
"A Good Smooth Cigar - a Value!"
I bought a box of these on accident since I'd had the natural wrapper version of the Curly Head before and liked it. The green wrappers were therefore quite a surprise! The cigars were smooth, usually burned pretty well ( a couple of them turned into canoes on me!) and had a mild sweetness to them that was unusual. About 1 out of 6 of these tasted off but the others more than made up for it. I would recommend a box of these to anyone.
David Goodman in Smyrna, TN January 11, 2005
"You won't find a better cigar for the price"
I just tried this inexpensive smoke for the first time, and must admit I was very sceptical, given the price. I have to say that this will be a regular for me now. Very nice cigar for an every day smoke!
Greg Mirabito in Plymouth, Ma May 22, 2004
"My First Choice"
The Curly Head is definitely my first choice. I've tried many more expensive smokes, but as yet none that satisfied so well, start to finish. I won't feel cheated if I never find one better.
John Knokey in York, PA January 10, 2004
"Tasty Econostogie"
Very tasty, sweet & mild cigar that is great for smoking while sitting around the campfire. Being short-filler cigars, don't expect construction on par with their long-filler Fuente brothers & sisters... but if you want good, reliable flavor and don't mind a rustic smoke, it's tough to go wrong with a Curly Head.
Jon O'Neall in Peoria, AZ May 12, 2003
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10 Draw (82) 100
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10 Appearance (71) 100
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10 Taste (84) 100
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10 Construction (74) 100
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