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Arturo Fuente Curly Head Reviews [view details]

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"Can't make up your mind to buy? READ THIS!!"
Ok here is the best description of this cigar. Just get your self in the mind set that this cigar isn't called a "curly head" any more its a AF flavored cigar called the "Nilla Wafer". You remember the cookies that you ate when you were little that were a cross between an animal cracker and a cookie! Just like the nilla wafer this cigar has very light flavor and is smooth. For me the flavor is a little too light and the burn is a little too off. But its not bad if your looking for a very mild inexpensive cigar, just not for me.
Ryan in Sandpoint, ID May 3, 2007
"Close to REAL Cubans !!!"
Last year my younger brother gave me two boxes of real Cuban Cohiba's. The Arturo Fuente Curly Head (natural wrapper) are the closest cigar, in taste, that I have found (so far) to the Cohiba's. Not quite as good as the Cohiba's and they burn irregularly at times but , in taste, they are very close. Excellent little cigar for the price. I bought two boxes to help save my Cubans.
M. Lankford in Maryland June 7, 2006
"Great Everyday Smoke"
This is the cigar if your looking for an everyday cigar that won't kill your wallet,its good and you will never have a bad cigar.Famous has the best price I have found on the curly head 40 count box too !!
Wayne Hadley in Archbald,Pa July 6, 2005
"$2.00...Are you kidding me?! Sign me up for a box"
Just smoked a curley head- I am in love. Disclaimer: I am an Arturo Fuente believer! For two bucks you get the cameroon wrapper and all the great Fuente taste. So it's ugly and people think your smoking a cheeroot- who cares! Taste is everything to a real cigar smoker and this litle bandit has all the taste of the Dominican Rep for mere pittance. I'm gonna get me a box or two!
TuckyChucky in Kentucky December 17, 2004
"The Wrong Curlyhead"
You should have also included the Curlyhead w/Claro wrapper; now that's one hell'uva good smoke.
Stephen Cohen in Hollywood, FL April 16, 2004
"Mild, yet tasteful."
I buy the curly head for two reasons, the price and the quality. Except for the occassional uneven burn, the C.H. is a very enjoyable cigar that does not leave a taste in your mouth for days as many other more expensive cigars do. I reccomend the curly head to all my friends that are into cigars. It is the best quality for the price.
Butch Babcock in Rockland County, NY January 8, 2004
"Definitely should've ordered the deluxe"
Wow, what a difference between the two. Never again will I order the plain "Curly Heads"...I can't give these sticks away.
T. Williamson in Navarre, FL April 28, 2003
"Good deal"
This was a very enjoyable smoke - and a deal at about a $1.50 a cigar. I don't care if it's not long leaf - it smoked like one.
Richard Charles in Lititz, PA August 3, 2002
AT less than $2 each you can't beat them, had cigars costing 5x that were not as good!
dan in Buffalo November 19, 2001
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