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Arturo Fuente Curly Head Deluxe Reviews [view details]

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"Save your pennies"
Seriously, save your pennies up and buy a $3 Punch instead. These things are an abomination. Senor Fuente should be ashamed.... And I've smoked JAD's!
Dr. Herf in Wisconsin December 11, 2009
"i sent them back"
like mama said you can't judge a book by its cover. i always have liked arturo fuente but these just s--k. don't waste your money on these.
bob in northern mi. October 29, 2009
"Great cigar"
This is a great cigar all around.I would say between mild and med and the price could be a bit lower.
Ron in Ohio October 3, 2009
"ok for the price"
Not bad for the $$........Draw was a bit negative at times, but OK....
FT in August 24, 2008
"Disappointed!! Not as good as my Maroma"
I was disappointed. I guess the name doesn't say it all. Hard to draw, not consistent, just not nearly as good as my Maroma. Ahh how I love my Maroma!
Ken in Scranton July 26, 2008
"a great tasting cigar its my every day smoke"
a great tasting cigar its my every day escape into flavor I used to smoke cigars every now and then but since my brother turned me onto the Arturo Fuentes brand I gave up cigarettes and just smoke these cigars. I really enjoy the Fuentes Double chateau but for a real enjoyable everyday smoke you cant beat the taste or the price I highly recommend these cigars
Eddie in Upstate new york July 6, 2008
"The Only cigar that keeps going"
The smooth tast that keeps burning and burning
JVG in Wyoming April 20, 2008
"Curly Head Deluxe a true treat for the money...."
I have been a cigar smoker for over 30 years. The curly head deluxe my opinion..the finest reasonable priced smoke I have found,in the Fuente line.The maduro wrapper lends itself to a smooth, yet stimulating smoke, sure to give you that required 30 minute vacation we all need. LONG LIVE ARTURO FUENTE"S REASONABLE PRICED CIGAR!
Daniel Cosman in Iowa City Iowa March 21, 2008
"Got Lockjaw trying to smoke the things."
I would never have believed I could be disappointed in a Fuente product. Never say never. These things were wrapped so tight I had to peel the wrappers off of them and enjoy what was left. GREAT blend but I sure do like Maduro.
Norm in Florida March 15, 2008
"Enjoyable Smoke"
I got a box of the maduro and must say that I like these cigars. Don't have to spend alot on these and after sitting in the humidor for awhile, these cigars are a nice change of pace. Have had no issues with any from my first box.
Milkco in Cincinnati December 29, 2007
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