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Arturo Fuente Curly Head Deluxe Reviews [view details]

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"Best Bet for my buck"
These have been my favorite every-day smoke for 15 years. Very consistent. Even ugly girls get asked out on a date. Worth every cent.
Steve Condon in NJ September 7, 2007
Tight, raw,& harsh, this is one of the worst cigars I have ever attempted to smoke. Why Fuente would put their name on this poodle turd is beyond me. At Forty seven bucks a box the only good thing is, I didn't have to pay shipping. live and learn, I guess. shred some old sweat socks and roll 'em in newspaper. can't be any worse than this.
Bill in Anderson August 4, 2007
"My deserted island pick..."
I haven't smoked every size of every brand, but I've smoked enough to know what's good. And the Curly Head Deluxe Maduro is the one that always makes me wonder why I keep looking for something I like better. It's the one I always try and have on hand, and when I'm running short, I'll only smoke them when I really have time to just sit and enjoy it. Anyway, 'nuff said. This one is my pick if I had to choose only one to have available if stranded on a deserted island. MaryAnn (not Ginger). The Beatles (not the Stones). Jameson Irish Whisky, and the Curly Head Deluxe Maduro.
RTS in Wyoming June 1, 2007
"Not always without faults, but a nice smoke."
They looked a little rough and did not always burn even but had a nice aroma and taste. I looked forward to smoking these as much as the Macanudos I've had. Will buy again if they are availible.
David Bailey in KY January 15, 2007
"Great Value, Excellent Taste!"
Fuente has been a favorite brand of mine for a long time. I favor maduros, and when I was in my local cigar lounge enjoying an Anejo #77 Shark, I decided to get a couple of sticks to take home. Since I'd never tried the Curly Head Deluxe (or any other Curly for that matter), I grabbed a couple to take home. What a pleasant surprise - excellent all around cigar and great for the money. Maybe my next AF box purchase will be one of these (unless Royal Salutes are back in stock). I recommend these to anyone looking for a stick full of flavor with a bargain price.
Ed in N. California January 5, 2007
"Guilty Pleasure"
I've smoked Padron's 3000 for several years (a fine cigar), and more recently their small Corticos (trying to cut back for health reasons, and don't want "cigar hangover" next day). Wanting something still milder I tried going to natural wrappers (Padron, Dunhill, Ashton, AVO, Montesino, Griffin's), and though certainly milder, I missed the maduro flavor. So, I began a quest for milder maduros than Padron's. Well, on a whim, and my tabacconist's attempts to dismiss me from the premises, I bought a Curley Head Deluxe maduro. I went out and torched 'er up. Wow, what a pleasurable surprise. As the previous reviewer's say, it's a great taste and value! Yes, it's not pretty (okay, it's ugly, but in a beautiful kinda way), unimpressive ash, can use touch-ups, but it has a nice draw, and a mild, sweet, chocolat maduro flavor that I can appreciate, especially for what these castaways cost (and no hangovers!!!). And though I can't bring myself to "wear a mask" when smoking them in public, as a previous reviewer suggests tonge-in-cheek, I just smoke them when alone, or when I'm up for embarrassing myself with friends who think I "should know better"... a guilty pleasure, for sure.
LK in San Diego November 4, 2006
"Great Cigar At A Great Price!"
For a certainty I am a cigar novice. However I do know what I like, and the pure pleasure that these little gems bring me can't be denied. They may be created with nothing more then table scraps, but these are table scraps from the master Arturo Fuente! Try a box and if you don't like them you can always send me the leftovers. I will dispose of them for you in an environmentally friendly way, one stick at a time ;-).
Ken Siani in New York April 5, 2006
"Curleyhead review"
Curleyhead Deluxe is a great everyday cigar with a good flavor, especially with the Maduro wrapper. I started with the regulars Curlyheads but the Deluxe is a lot better.
B.Westcamp in Chillicothe,Ohio July 21, 2005
"A superb, smooth daily smoke that is consistent!"
When I chose the Arturo Fuente Maduro Curly Head Deluxes, I expected them to be a full strength smoke. What a pleasent suprise! A gentle, but full aromatic taste that lasted from light up to label, with a light ash, easy draw, and even burn. This is now my daily reward, replacing more expensive brands. A truly enjoyable smoke from start to finish right from the box, but improves with aging in my humidor!
Chris Ewer in Albuquerque, New Mexico June 2, 2005
"First class for blue collar price!"
This cigar tastes every bit as good as the Double Chateau at a fraction of the price. Never mind the short filler, you can`t see it! The draw was tight on many. That may be my only comlaint other than I prefer a larger ring size. This one has hints of roasted hazelnut and cocoa. Slight creaminess with a hint of spice. There is a lot going on in this little stick.
John in Indianapolis November 20, 2004
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