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Arturo Fuente Curly Head Deluxe Reviews [view details]

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"For the Money"
Well I only had one of these so take that into consideration. I thought the cigar was great for the money; you get the classic Arturo Fuente taste for, well, me under $4 because I bought it at a local shop. I compared it to the Punch Elite which is about the same price. The Punch has stronger spice at the beginning but dies in the middle 3rd, then picks up at the end powerfully almost over powering. The Arturo was consistent all the way through to the end. The only negative in a A- way was it wasn't as strong a flavoring as you get with other Arturos. The burn construction ash were all there, no complaints. This will be a daily smoke for me for sure.
B in Dallas September 28, 2014
"More than I expected..."
Picked one of these up as one of several different maduros that I was trying. After a couple weeks of rest, lit it up and, though it didn t knock my socks off, I wasn t disappointed either. Burn was consistent and even, draw was easy, ash was tight and easily made 1-1 1/2 inches if left alone, flavor was a bit mild but a consistent mix of earth and wood reminded me a lot of smoking pecan wood with occasional notes of chocolate bitterish chocolate, like bakers chocolate and the last third brought in some coffee. Got a solid hour burn despite having to smoke the first half a bit faster than normal to get good smoke out of it. Overall, I d say a 7.5 /10, I would keep a couple of these in the box for guests.
James in Texas December 29, 2013
Wow... who would have thought ... A true Fuente experience. I had the pleasure of the Deluxe Maduro Curly head and was surprised, a consistent smoke with the wonderful full body flavor that is the mark of any Fuentes cigar, No runs w/ an even burn, and a smooth draw I allowed this cigar to burn out half way and resumed my smoke an hour later after dinner... again Wow ... light well, burned even... and same great flavor right down to the little nub... only because I continued to enjoy this one soon much... thanks
Nun Yah in South Alabama August 18, 2013
"Great Flavour"
What a great smoke, and affordable. Very nice taste, but mild and not overwhelmingly strong for a long stick!
Fergus in Ottawa, Canada November 11, 2012
"Great smoke"
I love maduro cigars, and was pretty much a Punch smoker. After trying a few AF cigars, and after reading the reviews of these, I ordered a box of these jems. See where I am going here? They are a great smoke. Full-flavored, and contrary to some of the reviews, well made. Fantastic cigar.
Steve in Hyde Park September 11, 2012
"Good smoke at great price"
This is a well rolled cigar for the everyday smoker. Good aroma, draw and burn. Pleasant after taste.
Manny J in Port Orange, Fl February 22, 2012
"All-around good anytime stick thick creamy smoke!"
I love em especially for the price. This was the first time I ever had any inconsistancy with the burn or taste...I will continue to both enjoy them and buy them from Famous !!!!
Robert in Virginia October 27, 2011
"A Great Everyday Cigar!"
: A Great everyday Cigar! I?ve smoked these cigars for some time now and highly recommend them. A wonderful taste and aroma. While the draw is smooth, I?ve noted an occasional inconsistency going towards more difficult. You?ll also have to work just a bit to keep this one burning evenly but, overall I?d rate this cigar at 4 Stars for its flavor and aroma discounting the small problems I?ve mentioned.
Mike Horyn in Central Kentucky July 19, 2011
"very mild & aromatic"
for the price, compared to many long filler expensive cigars out there, this stick is an emense enjoyment. it has a mixture of long and short fillers, but... the tobacco is all top grade. and especially the broadleaf wrapper. it's a maduro lovers dream. the taste is like fresh brazilian coffee and dark chocolate, with a toasty woody accent. The aroma is a pleasant coffee brewing over a fireplace. I truely enjoy these any time of the day, thats how mild they are. this is a great bargain for you cigar loves, especially maduro lovers. try one when you have time to relax and enjoy it. have it with a fresh pot of brewed coffee. you'll be glad you did.
Bruce in wickliffe ohio March 17, 2011
"My Fave Everyday Stick"
I love this stick. I keep it in the Humi as something I always have to fall back on. And at $2.00!!!! You can't go wrong with the curly head deluxe maduro!
Corey W in Louisville, KY April 28, 2010
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10 Construction (80) 100
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