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"Smooth smoke for the price"
The first thing that attracted me to this cigar was the price. It has a smooth taste too. Bought 5 of these and here's my review: 1. The cigars had to be re-ignited 2-3 times during the smoke. 2. Lots of tobacco bits in your mouth while smoking them. 3. Multiple stems causing uneven burning. With that said, it tasted pretty good, and if you can get beyond the aforementioned issues, it's a good tasting cigar.
Steve in South Florida July 2, 2013
"Great Value,"
These cigars remind me so much of the late but great Roi-tan cigars. Don't turn your nose up at these as inferior cigars because that they are not. They are rolled with the same exact tobaccos that go into their Don Carlos and Sun Grown lines. These rolling rooms do not waste tobacco and the small stuff left over goes into these. The taste is perfect and they can be a little on the powerful side. The aroma is delicious as is the taste. Better than a bundle cigar but with the bundle price.
Jack in Texas May 31, 2013
I love Arturo Fuente, and this is Fuente brand quality at affordable costs! Great daily right here!
Josh in Alabama April 8, 2013
"Great "work around the house" smoke!"
Great smoke for mowing the lawn or just working around the house.
Joey in NY December 21, 2012
"Solid smoke but nothing special"
SOLID smoke for the money. great day to day gem.
Joe in New York August 13, 2012
"Dang Gooood"
I got to say these are my personal favorite everyday smoke. I love ending the night with a JdN, Alec Bradley, Rocky Patel or Perdomo, but during the day this is my go to smoke. If I'm working in the garage, fishing, or playing ball with the kids I have this stick in my mouth.
John in Carroll May 22, 2012
"Best Bang for your Buck"
After reading some poor reviews I decided to chime in and give my two-cents: These cigars to me are best when they are paired with black coffee or rum. They are great considering the price. A lot of cigars that are priced at 2 bucks a stick are horrible. This cigar exceeds all other cigars by light-years. Also, this is a good cigar to have in the humi in case you have some buddies that have never smoked and want to join you. It saves me from using up my good cigars and I will not flinch when they are desecrating the curly head because it was only 2 bucks a stick. Overall, it is a good, cheap, cigar that is always there as a back-up in times of desperate needs.
Migs in So Cal January 4, 2012
"CRAP !!!!"
What a dog turd. I'm a big fan of Fuente and always looking for cheap smokes so I figured I'd try these. Smoked a few and threw the rest out. Burned like crap, tasted worse and left a horrid aftertaste. I didn't expect much since they were cheap but I didn't expect them to be so bad.
George in NYC April 15, 2011
"Excellent Cigar for the Price!"
A terrific casual cigar at less than $2 a stick. The kind you don't feel bad about tossing if you only have time to smoke half.
Keith in Greencastle, PA March 20, 2009
"Best Value"
Best bang for the buck everyday mild cigar out there. Yep, the construction isn't great. And it doesn't have a long leaf filler. But, you get the AF creamy, nutty flavor for $1.50 a stick, and the burn and taste are consistent from smoke to smoke.
Dan in Nebraska January 27, 2009
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10 Taste (77) 100
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10 Construction (70) 100
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