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Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Reviews

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Arturo Fuente Don Carlos #2
"VERY disappointing for the price!"
Started to unwrap shortly after cutting,fairly hard draw,also pretty much tasteless. I'll stick to camacho corojos.
Greg M in Pa. February 25, 2010
Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Robusto
"I was hoping for a lot more than what I got"
This cigar did not live up to the hype of AF Don Carlos. The appearance was not the best. The burn was uneven although I tried to even it out three times. The draw was O.K. but I've had cheaper cigars that were better. The taste, flavor, aroma were very good in the beginning. The last third of the cigar, became bitter and hot. I won't be smoking this one again.
RD in Atlanta February 3, 2010
Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Double Robusto
"If $10 is in your budget, you won't be sorry!!!!"
This cigar is both well made and flavorful. It feels more medium than full to me and has some nice leather and sandlewood spice. It remindes me more of a Camacho SLR than an Opus X.
btg in michigan January 16, 2010
Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Double Robusto
Arturo Fuente Don Carlos #2
"GOOD First puff to last"
Great first puff to last. No bitter or hars or raspy taste throughout smoke.
Mick in Phoenix December 2, 2009
Arturo Fuente Don Carlos #3
"Close to the best"
This cigar is absolutely one of the best I've had so far. The smoothness, richness, and complexity of this smoke puts it in a very elite group, and I haven't even aged them yet !! Outstanding in every regard and highly recomended.
Mike in B.C. May 6, 2009
Arturo Fuente Don Carlos #2
"Fantastic cigar, great flavor"
Best cigar I smoked to date replacing my old favorite A. Fuente Hemingway Classic.
Dave in Sheridan WY March 26, 2009
Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Robusto
"Great cigar"
If I had the money I wouldn't smoke anything but these.
Mike in Pittsburgh, PA February 26, 2009
Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Robusto
"Decent smoke, but not worth the price"
After reading the rave reviews, perhaps my expectations were too high. Although this is a decent enough smoke, it's way too pricey for what it is. There are dozens of cigars out there that are just as good and many better, at half the price. After that plugged Hemingway Signature that I suffered, I'm convinced that in blind tasting, the Fuentes would be out of business inside a year with their overpriced massive production scheme, if my last two Fuentes are representative of their overall operation. I think this is typical of large businesses in general that reach a point where production numbers are the bottom line at the expense of quality. The Fuente boys will get NO MORE of my hard earned cash.
Ray in Austin October 28, 2008
Arturo Fuente Don Carlos #2
"This cigar is like a fine woman!"
The Arturo Fuente Don Carlos #2 Bellicose is like a fine woman: smooth and delicate on the outside, mild and sweet to the taste, a beautiful bouquet, perfectly constructed which gets better and better and has a bold finish! - Julius , Alabama
Julius in Alabama August 28, 2008
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