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Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Double Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Mild and bland"
Have not had one of these in a while. I smoke 5 or 6 cigars a day so maybe my pallet is gone. I found this to be to mild and not to flavorfull.
Paul E in Upstate MY July 22, 2011
"If not the best, a strong number 2"
This cigar, any size/ring, is as close to a perfect 100 as I have ever smoked.
Don in Dallas May 15, 2011
"It's Always in my box"
Smooth - yet has that full flavor I love. When I open my box it is right there looking at me. It's a tough choice not to pick one up. Burns well and an effortless draw. I have yet to have a bad one and I always have them it my box. Always a great choice for me.
Dana in Los Angeles July 19, 2010
"If $10 is in your budget, you won't be sorry!!!!"
This cigar is both well made and flavorful. It feels more medium than full to me and has some nice leather and sandlewood spice. It remindes me more of a Camacho SLR than an Opus X.
btg in michigan January 16, 2010
"Delivered dry and flakey.....LOL"
Very disappointed with the condition the cigars were in when dlivered. For the price, they are not worth it!!
Scott in New Haven, Ct May 24, 2008
"Simply Amazing....."
I wish that I had tried this cigar a long time ago. The whole way through it drew smoothly and delivered a great taste and sweet finish. It's perfectly balanced and hard to put down. The Don Carlos just made my top 3 (along with Padron 64 Anniversary Exclusivo natural & Ashton VSG). You owe it to yourself to at least try a 5 pack.
Dan in Boston September 11, 2007
"Unbelievable transformation."
I purchased a box of the DonCarlos Double Robusto about 4 months ago. I tried a few and they were good. I grabbed one to smoke this weekend for the first time since I purchased them. Wow! Silky smooth smoke with spice. I'm going to purchase another box and put the cigars away for future enjoyment.
Jim Farrington in Orlando, Florida August 28, 2006
"My new favorite"
This is the best cigar I have smoked yet. This cigar is better then all the cuban cigars I have tryed. I couldn't believe the taste this cigar
Auggie Meyer in MO May 6, 2006
"One of the Best"
In my opinion, the Fuente Don Carlos line ranks right up there with the Ashton VSG and the Cuban Cohiba (it blows away the Dominican variety, and for less $). Full, spicy and flawlessly constructed, I smoke these to the nub every time. One of my favorites; highly recommended.
Mike M. in Minneapolis May 29, 2005
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