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Arturo Fuente Don Carlos #2 Reviews [view details]

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"The Best"
The best cigar on the market
Stan in Tucson May 31, 2013
"Hemingway is still tops"
I wanted to see how these stacked up against my fav Fuente. The Hemingway, while less complex, simply has better flavor. This is still a good cigar with outstanding construction.
Leviticus in Cincinatti November 3, 2010
"VERY disappointing for the price!"
Started to unwrap shortly after cutting,fairly hard draw,also pretty much tasteless. I'll stick to camacho corojos.
Greg M in Pa. February 25, 2010
"GOOD First puff to last"
Great first puff to last. No bitter or hars or raspy taste throughout smoke.
Mick in Phoenix December 2, 2009
"Fantastic cigar, great flavor"
Best cigar I smoked to date replacing my old favorite A. Fuente Hemingway Classic.
Dave in Sheridan WY March 26, 2009
"This cigar is like a fine woman!"
The Arturo Fuente Don Carlos #2 Bellicose is like a fine woman: smooth and delicate on the outside, mild and sweet to the taste, a beautiful bouquet, perfectly constructed which gets better and better and has a bold finish! - Julius , Alabama
Julius in Alabama August 28, 2008
"Great Cigar"
Almost a perfect smoke, I too have smoked the Opus X, but for the money this cigar is great. It has the classic Fuente taste, excellent burn and a wonderful aroma. I enjoy relaxing with this cigar.
Ron H. in Rocky Hill, CT February 11, 2007
"Simply the best"
Keep the overpriced Opus X and Padron Anniversary's. This is where you want to spend your money. Simply one of the finest if not the finest tobacco works of art out there. Superior construction and burn, incredible, complex flavor with a hint of Fuente sweetness and an enveloping aroma which will spin your head. Simply the best. P.S. The Cuban Monte #2 is good but I like the #4 better.
D.B. in Chicago October 25, 2005
"Who needs Cubans?"
This has now become the no.2 favorite in my humidor. A well constructed, rich and beautiful cigar- I've enjoyed every one to the very end.
PB in Boston March 14, 2005
"One of my top 5 cigars"
Exquisit flavor and flawless smoke. Loaded with coffee and cocoa flavors. Very well constructed, and better burn. Clear evidence fo perfection is not unique to Cuban cigars.
Jaime E. Martinez in Lansdale, PA October 7, 2004
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10 Construction (93) 100
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