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Arturo Fuente Don Carlos #3 Reviews [view details]

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"One of my 3 Top Shelf Sticks"
I'm partial to perfecto's and Corona's. This stick is one of my top 3 in my humidor. Some things you never mess with, a good cigar such as this is one of them. I've been smoking these tasty suckers since they came out and tend to prefer Arturo Fuente over the other premium brands because of the spicy and balanced blends created by Fuente. I'd like to have these stick be my everyday smokes, but alas I am just a joe six pack with tastes the often outstrip my finances.
Christopher in Midwest January 7, 2013
"When I Die, My Will Says..."
One of these will be in my mouth before I hit the crematorium!
RG in Elk Grove, CA. January 5, 2012
"Close to the best"
This cigar is absolutely one of the best I've had so far. The smoothness, richness, and complexity of this smoke puts it in a very elite group, and I haven't even aged them yet !! Outstanding in every regard and highly recomended.
Mike in B.C. May 6, 2009
quite frankly one of the best cigars ive ever had the pleasure to light. from this point on, i am a lifetime fan.
james in tennessee December 9, 2007
"Fantastic Cigar and better with age!"
I tried one right away out of the box, a little harsh, put them away for 4 months and smoked one yesterday to my amazement. This is a fantastic Cigar! I recommend putting them in the humi for awhile and then treat yourself. I like all my cigars with different coffees. This was great with the Trader Joe's Peaberry! Great combination to say the least. Try 2!
Robert Berman in CA March 19, 2007
"Yes, age is the key"
I have several types of the Don Carlos line, some for several years. They are like wine, aging does change them into a truly world class cigar.
Tom W in So Cal November 2, 2006
"The Don Carlos, is there anything better?"
After a long time trying anything I could get my hands on I have come to the conclusion that if you can let these age correctly, "The Don", as I call it, is the best of the best. Any size or shape, I like them all. Aging is a must.
CHoefs in Nebraska May 23, 2006
"Words of Advice"
Just a few words of advice from someone who has also been very dissapointed by Fuente's Don Carlos line of cigars, vis a vis lumpiness, uneven burn etc. but that over several years of damning the cigars and then by accident discovering their true beauty: i left them in the humidor i hold in another country for one full year and discovered an entirely, completely, different cigar! Refining this experience i would say stow them away for at least six months and then they truly are like a maturing wine. They have more capacity for change then any other cigar i've ever had.
Eric Fischer in Middle East January 9, 2006
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10 Construction (91) 100
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