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Arturo Fuente Don Carlos #4 Reviews [view details]

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"Very good but a little on the high end."
Just got these and smoked one right away and it s a great little cigar. The smoke was very enjoyable only problem it was over to soon. Would order again.
B in Dallas August 3, 2014
"perfect smoke"
It's a very good cigar, I just got them yesterday and enjoy one on the night. What I want to say is very good, the other I bought the same time are waiting I try.
Li in China July 9, 2010
"A Great Smoke and Value"
A wonderful smoke. Very smooth and never got bitter. A great value. Much better value than the Opus and Hemingway lines. Seems to be the ugly stepchild of the Fuente lines. Provides a great opportunity to smoke a cigar which I prefer to the Opus line.
jim in Potomac, MD. January 26, 2006
"A cigar that shows what a bias can cause"
This cigar was supposed to be fairly good, according to Cigar Aficionado. This could be because of the amount of the money the Fuente family donates to the magazine. Sadly it is an over rated cigar. The taste was muddled and crude. There was no real depth of coffee and spices.
Levron in Detroit February 18, 2005
"In A Word, Magnificent!"
Now I understand why people fuss over top-notch cigars. I was cruising the Famous site when I stumbled on the Don Carlos #4 coronas in stock. At about $6.50 a stick, this is pricier than my usual smoke, but based on the outstanding ratings and reviews here and on top25cigar.com, I decided to take the plunge. After letting them rest in the humidor, I dove into them. Whoa! My first impression was like the first time I tried a French Pouilly-Fuisse white wine: clear, crisp and amazing body and complexity. The DC #4 played a symphony on my palate, with streams of spice, pepper, coffee and cocoa alternating and mixing the whole time. It got a bit hot at the end, but maybe that was because my fingers were burning too. Like French wine, this cigar is too expensive for my everyday consumption, but its value is also commensurate with its price. I'll savor every one I smoke; try one--or more--if you have a chance.
Wingsmoke in California April 15, 2004
"oh if only these cigars were a little bigger!"
Spectacular burn, gorgeous flavor, perfect draw..If they were only a little bigger.
Cap'n Al in seattle March 31, 2001
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