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Arturo Fuente Double Chateau Reviews [view details]

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Been A ACID Blondie smoker. Wife bought me one of these and I enjoyed it immensely. Bought a box. Arrived today and took them out of the cellophane and had one tonight. As soon as I cut it the wrapper came loose. Smoked just fine but had to deal with the loose wrapper. Once I took the band off the wrapper came unglued and thought about trying to rubber band it to finish the smoke. Hopefully that was a fluke.
Al in Stevensville, MI July 31, 2014
I have been enjoying Arturo Fuentes Double Chateau for five years now. I'm a special occasion cigar smoker and Fuentes are SPECIAL cigars.
Bill in Northen Virginia February 6, 2013
"Boringly Good"
The Chateau Fuente is a good, easy smoking cigar. But is it just me, or has the flavor declined over the past 1-2 yrs? I used to consider the Fuente a step above the Montesino (also a good cigar and made by Fuente). But now I can't tell any difference between the two.
Chris in Oregon November 21, 2011
"A real bargin"
Very simply you get alot more than you pay for with any version of the double chateau.
John in So. Cal. October 8, 2010
"Great Smoke"
I had one on Saturday night and didn?t finish it. The next day it was still a great smoke! Smooth and favorable. Great aroma!
Mel in Los Angeles November 2, 2009
"amazing cigar"
one of the best Churchill cigars i have ever had only bad thing is i ordered the 5pack instead of the box and i know thats what the other guy said but it is very true.
in July 5, 2009
"Great tasting quality cigar"
Great tasting quality cigar. moderate strength, smooth taste, great aroma, well made... my biggest gripe is Arturo doesn't ship them often enough or in enough quantity. I have to search far and wide to find an unopened box. My standard cigar.
Robert in Memphis February 21, 2009
"Nice cigar"
This was a very nice cigar. I usually purchase the Double Chateau's with the Sun Grown Wrapper, but thought I would give this a try. Typical Fuente experience, but a bit too mild for my tastes. This may also be due to my smoking it in the evening rather than the morning. Either way, it's a fine cigar and smoked beautifully. If you are a cigar newcomer or know of anyone that is, you can't go wrong with offering a Double Chateau with the natural wrapper.
Brian in Kentucky November 30, 2007
"Good taste,some problems"
I've smoked 2. wrapper on both cracked, 1 burned unevenly, otherwise a good tasting cigar. Have 18 to go. We'll see how the go.
James in San Antonio April 17, 2007
The only bad part about my order of the A. Fuente Double Chateau Natural was that I ordered the 5 pack instead of the box! A flawless cigar that is smooth and creamy with lots of taste. I couldn't put it down. I highly recommend this mild but tasty cigar, but maybe I shouldn't and keep them all to myself. You will enjoy.
Ray Duchesneau in CT November 7, 2006
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