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Arturo Fuente Hemingway Best Seller Reviews [view details]

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"Raised The Bar"
If you have a favorite, high-end cigar, already....don't smoke this one. My tastebuds have been spoiled rotten. This was an amazing smoke. From start to finish. The nutty flavor, coupled with the intoxicating aroma just left me wow'd!!! I'm gonna buy a box....but I don't intend to share any of them......sorry guys!
Bryan in Baton Rouge May 16, 2010
"Great Cigar"
I smoked one yesterday, could'nt find anything wrong with it. A great smoke.
D. Paul in Chino Valley, AZ November 22, 2007
"My favorite shape"
Awesome burn, taste, construction, this is the real deal. I usualy prefer a little fuller body smoke but this has plenty of taste. I also prefer this shape to the other hemingways. One thing it says these are five inches but I put some on a tape and it says 4.5". Don't let the smaller sizes scare you this is an easy 40 minute smoke. The only problem is keeping my dad and brother away from my stash!
fat smoke dog in northern mich September 1, 2007
"Hate to Disagree"
I hate to disagree with all of these glowing reviews. I hope that because mine is the only bad one that I got a dud at the store. Mine was very hard to draw even after the foot opened up. It only started to get easier about half way through the cigar. By that time the taste had been ruined. I'll try another if I run across any more.
Scott in Wilmington, NC July 9, 2007
"A Legendary Smoke"
The Hemingway Best Seller is a classic. A truly enjoyable smoke from start to finish. Just like the Short Story, this cigar is one of the best "everyday" cigars I have found and one of my all-around favorites. Sure, I?d never turn down a Padron 1926 or Anniversary Maduro (when I can get them), but I have never been disappointed with this fine, fine cigar.
George Molchan in MI December 26, 2006
"absolutely a great smoke"
like the short story this is a great smoke just another inch to make it better than the short story
william lichtblau in auburn new york May 10, 2005
"Always great-- a favorite"
Hemingways have been a favorite of mine for years. I have 10 in my humidor waiting for a special occasion. My only complain is that they can sometimes have a tight draw. I prefer these to OpusX.
Mike in Detroit March 27, 2004
"The whole line is good!"
I tend towards liking full flavor Nicaraguan sticks, so I consider this an excellent mild/med. stick. It is flavorfull enough though that it will stand on it's own merits any time of day. I like to keep a box on hand for regular rotation with the Nic. sticks. I have often opened the humidor with a particular Nic. in mind and ended up with one of these instead. I've never 2nd guessed myself after one, they always hit the spot.
Greg in Alpena, MI November 30, 2003
"Excellent Smoke!"
The Hemingway line is an amazing line of cigars. The Best Seller became my everyday smoke after the first one. I'm typically an AVO and Ashton smoker and appreciated the extra flavor the Hemingway had to offer. These are terrific cigars and I recommend them to anyone looking for something with a bit more flavor.
IWLARSON in So Cal October 27, 2003
"Nothing else compares!!!"
HANDS DOWN this is the best cigar I've ever smoked. The draw was awesome. The burn was very even and this had a good flavor. You cannot go wrong with this cigar.
M.J. in CT August 2, 2003
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Poor - Excellent

10 Consistency (94) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Draw (92) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Appearance (95) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Taste (94) 100
Poor - Excellent

10 Construction (95) 100
Poor - Excellent

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