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"One Of My Top 5"
I am so happy with this cigar I simply want more! Its in my top 5.
Don in Long Island NY August 9, 2013
"Smoke this one slowly"
Wonderful cigar but it likes to take breaks. Don't worry it won't go out on you. I left it alone for 5 minutes and picked it up and it puffed just like if I had took a hit 2 seconds ago. Its a wonderful flavor with a nice sweet nuttiness. Lasted me about 45 minutes. Don't smoke this one fast or it will get harsh on your fast. Its soo small that it heats up too fast. Definitely worth the buy.
Ian in Columbus,OH June 25, 2012
Just had one of these a few hours ago. Very, very nice cigar! Loved all the rich, mellow flavors. Nice transitions in every third, just a beautiful cigar. Aroma on the burn was okay, a little strange for my tastes, but it didn't hurt the cigar at all. Very mellow, medium body, not a ton of strength. Just a mouthful of very nice flavor. Bit of heat in the back of the throat working it's way up to the back of the tongue. Complimented the aged tobacco very nicely. Had a few weird burn lines, but it corrected itself smoothly every time. It could have been a byproduct of the cold and I was walking with a few buddies. Not paying a TON of attention to the cigar, but it grabbed it and held it on every single draw. Gotta buy a box as soon as I get enough money. Just an unbelievable cigar, I loved it!
Ben in New York March 3, 2012
Had them in the humidor for a month. Had one the other night,great taste,45 minutes of bliss. Didn't mind the chill in the air.Have a couple a week easy, don't want to finish the box too quickly. No brainer will be picking these up again.
Ang in Mississauga,Canada December 31, 2011
"Big things come in small packages"
Hands down the best tasting cigar I have ever had! This small stogie if full of flavor . Smoked it all the way to the nub. Will be buying a box ASAP!
Orlando in Ocala, FL November 10, 2011
"If not the Signature, then this cigar"
If not enough time for the Signature(30min burn), then try this smoke. Same great flavor and more than a 15min burn.
Don S in Woodland Hills, CA October 24, 2011
"Very good everyday cigar"
Reasonably priced cigar.Very good everyday cigar.Very good flavor,nice aroma,& burns evenly.Great for when time is short!
Robert in Bergen County September 20, 2011
"My favourite hemingway"
These cigars are well constructed, burn great, taste outstanding and are reasonably priced. By far my favourite Hemingway and believe me...i've smoked a bunch. I have yet to get a bad best seller!
Paulo in Canada July 7, 2011
Story Time... I got my box today and unpacked them and put them all away in my humidor. I pulled one out and I was eager to try this after all the great reviews. Lighting this was was a big mistake. it was so delicious. Like others have said the taste was second to none and it smoked B.E.A.utifuly. I really don't want to share these but I'll let my best friend try one. Only one though. For anyone who wants to try these, do it. You won't be disappointed. I had an ash as long as half of the cigar and it was perfect, never seen an ash like that yet. The real sad part is I need to let them rest for a month or two before I go at it again. I'm sure I'll sneak one before then but this cigar is now my favorite. Just WOW!
Steve in Spruce Grove February 4, 2011
I'm on my 4th box. 'Nuff said!
Bayonne Dogger in RI July 28, 2010
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10 Draw (92) 100
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10 Taste (94) 100
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10 Construction (95) 100
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