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Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic Reviews [view details]

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"Hemingway Classic - is all that and more!"
What a truly fantastic cigar! I've been smoking for about 20 years (since loooong before the "cigar boom"), and I tend toward maduros. The A. Fuente Hemingway Classic is exactly that: A Classic Cigar. This is a medium-bodied smoke, not a full smoke like my maduros. But, this cigar has an intriguing complexity to satisfy the experienced Afficionado, and just plain delicious flavor that even a beginner will enjoy immensely. The cigar itself is lovely to look at, and perfect on the draw. It has a good, even burn and produces a firm, lovely ash. And the aroma... It is like perfume, but not sweet. With plenty of luscious smoke, the Hemingway Classic produces the kind of rich, friendly aroma that will make a woman want to curl up and stay. I highly recommend keeping a few of these around for all occasions. This is the kind of cigar you can give to anyone, experienced or beginner, and have a great smoke together. Absolutely wonderful!
James P in Hollywood February 1, 2008
"So dry the wrapper came off"
Less than a week after receiving a long awaited box of afhw three of us were going to have an Easter smoke. All three were dry but mine was to the extent that the entire wrapper turned loose.After waiting over two months,this is not what I expected from AF
G Metz in FL April 11, 2007
An unbelievable smoke. I loved it from beginning to end. I only wish I had bought more. Sadly, I only have one left. This is the best AF that I've tried.
James A in Greenville SC January 15, 2007
"Simply the Best"
The fact of the matter is all A.Fuente cigars are good. After a long hard day at the office, I come home eat dinner and sit down with a glass of red wine and a beloved Hemingway Classic. There is nothing more enjoyabe. The draw, the burn, the aroma, the construction, and the taste are unbeatable. I love it. Simply the BEST!
Jess Wade in GA November 18, 2006
"A wonderful cigar"
I tried this cigar while at the Casa Fuente cigar bar in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. What a great cigar! Beautiful draw and burn. Great flavors of wood, spice with a hint of berry. These are a must have in my humidor now.
Ted G. in Largo, FL July 2, 2006
"Great Cigar"
I just tried one of these cigars at the Casa Fuente Cigar Bar in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and it was wonderful. This just may have become my new favorite cigar.
Ted G. in Largo, FL May 6, 2006
"A Rare Treat"
Arturo Fuente has a winner with the Hemingway line- they are flawlessly constructed, have a unique shape, and have a wonderful flavor all the way through. They are difficult to find, but worth the effort and not nearly as expensive as they should be!
Andy W in Andover, KS February 6, 2006
"Taste like a fine morning sunrise"
I liked the taste right after the light. I kept these in my humidore surrounded by spanish cedar out of several other cigar boxes. I lit one up one morn ing with my coffee, as I watched the sunrise on the horizon. If this is heaven I want to go there!
Cowboy in New Mexico March 14, 2005
"Great smoke!!!"
Close to the Don Carlos. This is my Second favorite cigar to the Don Carlos.
J. Hill in Florida April 16, 2003
Great cigar. Great balance, burn and taste. One of my favorites!!!
Dave in Indy November 7, 2001
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