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Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story Reviews [view details]

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"What a delight!"
I'm a new cigar smoker trying a broad range in terms of styles and prices. I came upon these little beauties at a smoke shop in Longmont, CO, and headed up to the mountains for the weekend. These 30-40 minute smokes were just the ticket, very smooth, flavorful and not over-powering. They burn evenly and fairly cool with a firm but not difficult draw. They are excellent to offer to new smokers as well. I just ordered a box of 25!
Ken B in Portland, OR February 21, 2012
For a short smoke it was fantastic. To me tasted a little generic. I feel that do to the short smoke time the flavors did not really get to develop. But I will most definitely be visiting this smoke again!!
Dane in Houston November 2, 2011
"Perfect quick smoke"
These are the best short smokes made. I try to find them whenever I am shopping for cigars. Famous has great prices on them too!
Tommy in Tecumseh, MI August 19, 2011
I was turned on to one of these by a fellow cigar lover at my local tobacco nest. I had never actually tried any figurado cigars but this perfecto shaped cigar was exactly that: Perfecto! Superb flavor and draw, and a perfect cigar for a short 40-45 min break! I plan on purchasing a box soon!
Nick in IN July 24, 2011
"Arturo Fuente - Shortstory"
Very nice cigar. Smooth, easy draw, lots of flavor. Not really worth the price for its size, but perfect for a quick smoke. I feel the Best Seller is a better deal for the size. Its just like a ShortStory but on Steroids. Either one you can't go wrong with and Famous Smoke Shop has the best prices and best quality of cigars so far on the market.
John in Aliquippa, PA June 16, 2011
"Have one for breakfast..."
The first one I smoked was borderline... but the second and third were great after some time in the humidor!! I would definitely say give it a try... but maybe let it age for a month or so. I love these in the morning as a kick start!!
J. Stone in SC May 28, 2011
"A short story, a Yoo-Hoo"
One of my favorites, and I love and smoke Hemingways exclsively. My signature at marlin tournaments was walking down the dock to my boat in the morning with a lit Short Story and a can of Yoo-Hoo. Breakfast of champions. Also exactly the right length to drink while grilling a thick steak and drinking a scotch on the rocks.
Jim Dolan in Stuart, FL April 11, 2011
"Perfect little cigar"
Had one and am going to buy a box. Great aroma and great smoke. These are real gems.
in March 29, 2011
"dont buy!!!"
Save them for me!!
John Paul in Ottawa,IL February 8, 2011
"What a surprise!"
Well what to say besides this is a fantastic smoke! It was my first and it lasted about an hour. It filled my mouth with pleasentries and provided me with a tone of smoke. Excellent burn and for the price. Well worth it!
Paulo in Canada February 5, 2011
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