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Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story Reviews [view details]

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""this is the best cigar i have ever smoked""
i've smoked a few in the last 20 years. quite a few cuban's also. started thinking maybe cigars were not my cup of tea...until now. i picked up a few short story, a best seller, a classic and a signature. all i can think is that my bud's have been keeping the good ones all to themselves. no pretty words for this- this cigar is great and i have come home. can't wait to give one to my father-in-law. i'm in like flint !
gary in cincinnati, ohio May 1, 2010
"Smooth and mellow start to finish"
A very smooth smoke from start to finish with a sweat finish,a very pleasant surprise from something so small.
Steve in Oklahoha March 28, 2010
"Smooth and mellow start to finish"
A very smooth smoke from start to finish with a sweat finish,a very pleasant surprise from something so small.
Steve in Oklahoha March 28, 2010
"All around, a delicious smoke."
My friend gave me one of these out here in my deployment to Afghanistan, and I was not dissapointed. The flavor was delicious, with a taste of sweetness. The smoke was a beautiful cream, and the draw was perfect. I will admit, the consistancy was not quite perfect, and the wrap mildly cracked more then halfway through, but all an all an outstanding smoke. I will be buying a box when I get home.
Robert P in Rhode Island February 24, 2010
The burn was good the draw was good,but thats about it!The flaver was very papery,not much to it.Kinda boring!To many other good cigars to go back to this one.
mark in alabama October 5, 2009
"enjoyable smoke"
easy light, good draw, excellent even burn with solid ash, almost made it to the end. Did last over half an hour. Flavor was not bitter and did have hint of leather. Great with a fine port.
Sly in Canada October 2, 2009
"An Outstanding perfecto for after lunch."
The incomparable Fuente Hemmingway series in an outstanding small Perfecto that is just right for after lunch, when you don't have time to get into a larger smoke, before returning to work. In the 23 years that I have been enjoying cigars, I have yet to come across a problem with a Hemmingway Short Story.
SFC Dean Parent in MA March 4, 2009
"Not what they used to be"
I used to smoke these in the 90's (when I could find them) and loved the complexity and after taste. Just purchased a 5 pack after a 10 year abstance and was dissapointed --- just not what I remembered. Still a nice smoke, but I prefer the "Work of Art" & Between the Lines" (when I can find them)
Jeff in Chapel Hill, NC December 11, 2008
"Like a good story, great over and over again"
This truly great perfecto is a perfect example of why size does not always matter. Do not let this vitola's diminutive size fool you; it is full of rich, complex flavors and aromas. When you light the Shortstory's nipple, subtle and enticing hints of mild, sweet tobacco arouse your senses like the opening chapter of a great classic novel. As the beautiful white ash continues down the length of the perfecto, the flavors begin to crescendo gradually until, at the widest circumference, the cigar hits a climax of strong earthy cinnamon spice, cedar wood, and hints of leather and black cherry. Past the widest part, the cigar mellows a bit becoming softer and milder. But just like a surprise twist in a good story, this cigar's plot thickens with a second burst of spicy flavor. The finish goes from full to medium with a satisfying and gentle, refined ending. Like a good book, it is hard to put down. This cigar is a true knuckle burner; it is not till the last inch or so that it's flavor starts to become tart. Unfortunately, all good stories have to come to an end, but this is definitely one you won't mind picking up again and again. The construction on these difficult-to-roll cigars is immaculate, impeccably consistent, and have an excellent draw. Despite the occasional sun spot or cosmetic blemish, these cigars are great ambassadors of the Hemingway line and proudly demonstrate and defend AF's reputation for quality construction. A true classic, an unbeleivable bargain, and, as a thirty minute smoke, perhaps the ultimate anywhere, anytime cigar.
Gustavo in McAllen, TX November 2, 2008
Took up cigars a few years ago, and as I was experimenting, I always wondered about the praise for the cigar I was trying- How come no one ever mentioned the wet dog taste? Then I stumbled on the short stories, and it was sublime. Cool, rich smoke, wonderful taste. And having young kids, I can only disappear for an hour or so on the weekend, so this is the perfect Daddy-break.
Ron in South Jersey, USA November 16, 2007
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