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Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story Reviews [view details]

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"Go bigger"
Medium body with excellent balance, but I don t think the short size does the filler justice. The wrapper had some construction issues, showing glue residue and peeling off in the beginning, but the burn wasn t affected. The nicotine seemed to pick up a bit towards the end, and the nub burnt hot.
Stefan in December 9, 2013
"A short story indeed"
a nice little smoke if you dont want to commit the time to a larger one. Halfway through i was enjoying it so much that i wished there was more of it. too pricey to be an every day smoke, but I will buy again.
Ryan in jacksonville, FL December 3, 2013
This is the my favorite cigar...burns nicely, great draw, awesome taste!
David in Newbury Park CA November 8, 2013
"Found another favorite!"
I have always liked the Perfecto shape in cigars, I used to smoke Zino Chubbies every now and then, but fired up my first Short Story a week ago. Love at first puff! The little gems are great for a quick smoke, not overpowering, and quite flavorful. I just ordered a box to stash in my humidor.
Christopher in Midwest USA March 7, 2013
"A Great Short Smoke"
I thoroughly enjoy these little perfecto's. The taste, consistence and burn are just great. The drawback is the price, but isn't that always the case? I'd love to have one of these everyday, but am constrained to rationing them to once a week or so. Still, a very pleasant smoke for a 30 minute break.
Christopher in Midwest USA March 1, 2013
"great daily smoke"
see summary
in January 21, 2013
"Very good"
It's great for what it is, but they are not quite my taste. I actually like the sungrown chateau series better, but these are definitely worth a try.
Eric in Rhinelander, Wisc July 1, 2012
Only the Fuentes can make cigars that leave a taste of fine scotch whisky on the palate...The Opus X wrapper has its little brother here in the Hemingways, which I smoke as far down as they'll go without burning my fingers, and then use a toothpick for the final half-inch. I suppose I should buy a pipe instead, as I'm still missing that last quarter-inch!
Barak-Har in Jerusalem, Israel May 31, 2012
"An Instant Favorite"
I had this for the first time two days ago. I didn't time myself, but it definitely didn't last 45 min. It wasn't more than 30, I don't think. That said, this is one of the best cigars I have ever smoked. It was unbelievably smooth, with an unmatched rich taste, as far as my experience goes. I will be smoking this a lot more in the future. Just a fantastic, tight roll with great consistency. Great, flavorful tobacco. 100/100 on all counts.
Drew in Evansville, IN May 1, 2012
"Very Tasty Treat"
Slightly overrated, but never a disappointment.
Hman in Long Island,NY April 20, 2012
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10 Construction (94) 100
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