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Arturo Fuente Hemingway Signature Reviews [view details]

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"One of the great legal cigars"
I've been smoking cigars for 30 years...since I've traveled internationally, I've also sampled cubans. And had some exceptional ones. However, for a domestically available cigar I find the Fuente's hard to beat, especially the Fuente Hemingway: After 5 boxes, I've not found one badly rolled; The flavors are varied, and the smoke is consistent, burning evenly, with full flavor throughout the cigar...I have to throw it away due to burning my fingers, before losing the flavor. It does require a special technique for lighting: Start by toasting the nipple on the end, all around, not in the flame, but above. Once the entire nipple is hot, draw easily once or twice. Do not puff away until the nipple has slowly burned off...I also gently blow back through the cigar a few times at the start.
Anthony in Louisville, KY December 19, 2010
I have smoked dozens of different brands, and this has become my favorite. Waiting for a full box to go on sale.
in September 2, 2010
"Absolute Perfection!"
Beautifully made, great tasting, and consistent cigar. The burn can start unevenly, but it helps to trim the foot of the cigar. Flavor is medium/full, and very satisfying. I like these better than some Opus X I've had recently, and I can't think of a better value in premium cigars.
Steve in MD July 30, 2010
"Not all that--there are much better cigars"
I have had the so called pleasure(not really) of Arturo Fuente Hemingway cigars. Many wof which were too tightly rolled and the burn on them were not great. They look great and smell good, but construction and draw are less than fair. Over priced cigars that didn't seem to deliver. Sorry AF, but I've smoke cheaper, yet much better cigars.
big-t in reading, ma January 10, 2010
"Poorly Constructed and Disappointing"
Maybe I just got a bad one. The construction was very poor quality. The cap was coming apart right out of the cellophane wrapper right when I got it home from the FSS store in Easton. The wrapper had a few blemishes. Did not expect this from a pricey cigar. I went ahead and lit it up anyway since I have been looking forward to this smoke for some time given the mostly very positive reviews. Taste was OK until the rest of the wrapper started to split and tase went very acrid. The complete wrapper then started to come off. One of the worst cigar experiences I ever had. In general I feel that all Fuentes are very overpriced as they try to market them as very rare and very high quality. What a joke.
RC in Collegeville, PA September 26, 2009
"Hemingway Signature Rocks! Long Live Fuente!"
10 years ago after a 5 year clean out from cigarettes; I smoked my first fine cigar and that was the Hemingway Signature. I was in a jaccuzzi on The Big Island at the 4 seasons in a bungalow on the beach. This was the cigar that made me a life-long AF fan. The Cameroon wrapper can be a bit brittle just out of the cigar shop but, let them get cozy in your humidor for a few months and WOW! A few years, even better. As far as the shape and difficulty in lighting... nonsense. The small tip, when lit properly will burn and expand effortlessly and soon, your stogie is well lit. Viva La Fuente!!!
G. McCann in Earth September 14, 2009
Everything about this cigar is great, except for the earthy aftertaste. The smoke is very mild, easy to light, good over all construction, great burn, and consistent draw. I just can't get over the aftertaste, it really ruins all the great attributes. I would not buy this cigar again.
Jay in NJ May 27, 2009
"Bad on all accounts... except one."
I can't believe such a lousy cigar can taste so good. Here's a list of the bad traits: Gum paste smeared on the wrapper, holes and leaks, patches in the wrapper that should have made them seconds, that ridiculous closed foot never lights straight, it's not really a perfecto, it's just a just a parejo (Corona Gorda, to be specific) with a closed foot, they sell it as a 6" cigar, but it smokes a half-inch or more shorter than that, tight-ish draw, low smoke volume, etc, etc. But the taste... You take the bad with the good on this one, but for me, that sweet buttery taste makes it all worth while.
Rick in Riverside CA April 6, 2009
"What a smoke......really a GREAT STICK..........."
I have smoked AF before.....and decided to try the Hemingway what an experience!!!....One of the most even burning and drawing as well as smoking cigars I have ever tried.....and will do so again
Garry in Ohio March 25, 2009
"My top cigar so far ---"
I notice immediately about this cigar is the solid construction. This baby is well made. It has a great draw for how tightly rolled it feels. Great taste even before lighting up. Unfortunately, some shops sell this for $9 each. If there is a similar smoke at half the price, I would love to try it! Please let me know - This is the best I have had so far...
BR in Marshall, MI July 3, 2008
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