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Arturo Fuente Hemingway Signature Reviews [view details]

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I tend to enjoy more full bodied cigars but quite frankly, I have never been dissappointed with any of the Hemingway series. I would say they are medium to full flavored, but very well balanced so that they can be enjoyed at just about any time. I just finished the evening with Hemingway Signature and a full bodied zinfandel (Steele Pacini Vineyard) that was just marvelous. I kept thinking to myself, "this cigar is well balanced, with superb flavors and a medium body and it truly shines in the final third". I then think to myself "If I had a single smoke that I would want for any occassion at any time, would this not be the perfect one?" It is an exemplary cigar with a beautiful shape and a perfect burn (every time I have had one that has been properly maintained) that I have found to always satisfy. I have a humidor filled with Padron serie 1926 and 1964 and 6000, Rocky Patel Decade and Old world, and Partagas Serie D, and I love every one of them, but if I had to pick one for any occassion or one to share with someone whom I have not smoked with before, this would be my go to stick. It just does everything right.
nick in fayetteville nc April 27, 2008
"The Hemingway is a Must Try Cigar"
Very good cigar...No worries with this cigar...Its a Winner
Anthony in Baghdad Iraq April 25, 2008
"Oh Man! It's really hard to let go at the end!"
Already being a Fuente Sun grown "Freak", I was hesitant to try another blend like the Hemingway. I'm all laid back enjoying this guy and the heat on my fingers force me to "let it go". I did not think the "Sun grown" had an equal but the Hemingway matches the Flavor and Aroma and I never even had to relight or "touch" it up. I highly recommend this beauty! JS
J. Stuckey in Alabama April 12, 2008
"All due respect NOT worth the price and here's why"
I could have gotten a bad stick, but not worth the price tag. With all due respect to the A.Fuente name I took the cigar out of the celo and noticed a patch job on the wrapper as if the roller had a hole in the wrapper and instead of making it a 'second' they sold it at full price. If the band didn't say A.Fuente on it, this cigar would be selling in the $4 range. There are better out there for less. Perhaps just a bad one but the quality control was bad on this one.
JM in Beantown March 22, 2008
"One of my favorites."
I only smoke these on special occasions and when I can relax and savor the experience. It's woody with a nutty flavor, perfect draw. Overall, one of the best smokes I've had in my three years of smoking. You should try some...if you can find them.
Sean in Chattanooga, TN December 28, 2006
"Great Experience"
I bought two of these and stored them in the humidor for about 90 days. One of my cigar buddies and I tried them out the other night and we both agree that it's a tasty well built cigar. The 60 minute experience with this cigar was memorable. It's a little pricey compared to some but worth it.
Boxtakilla in Broken Arrow, OK July 9, 2006
I got my hands on a box of signatures. What an amazing cigar. Went to Casa Fuente at Cesar's, had a masterpiece, forbidden X, many opus X's, God of Fire, none of which was nearly as good as the signature (Also had excellent coffee, smoked a purchase, and oggled the hostess at Casa Fuente--go if you can) I have renewed respect for Hemingway's, expecially the signature and classic. They are truly complete and satisfying, subtle yet strong with incredible flavor that builds. Life is good!
Dr. Patrick in S. Illinois April 7, 2006
DAVE in OHIO July 31, 2003
"Very Disapointed"
I don't know what went wrong. First of all, the draw was horrible. I couldn't get any smoke, it was too much work to smoke this cigar. The construction was also below par. I can't imagine how this happened to a cigar of this price, I am reluctant to try another one.
Dan in Los Angeles July 15, 2003
"Simply the Best......."
When you are in the mood for a great cigar and don't want to gamble with something new....I also go to a Fuente Hemingway Signature.....the flavor, construction and burn will never leave you wanting! Its a great "go to" cigar when you are in a serious mood to enjoy one.
Rich Wolf in Grand Rapids MI December 31, 2002
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