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"$2 Cigar at Best"
Expected a lot more for the price. Inconsistent roll from cigar to cigar; only thing consistent was the cigar would go out almost instantly. Could only smoke half as the cigar got so bitter even hard core cigar buffs I shared them with threw them away.
Bill in Wisconsin October 8, 2014
"A Good Smoke"
I bought a box of these thinking I was going to get a bit more than the Short Story. I wasn't disappointed. I'd give the cigar 90 all around. I love the draw, the aroma, the burn is great. You don t have to mind it so much. I love the shape of a perfecto short or long and this is definitely a great looking perfecto. Fuente makes a good cigar!
Don in Brooklyn, NY January 6, 2014
"Best everyday cigar"
I have tried many cigers in my time and for the price, this is my everyday cigar even thou I actually don't smoke every day. Great flavor, no after taste, lights well and smooth.
Gary in Discovery Bay CALIF September 2, 2010
"top notch cigar"
This cigar is a must have! I have 3 always in the dor just to keep ahead of my yearly hilights. I save these jewels for the days that i feel i have done something good, or when things have gone horribly wrong. These cigars are the finest made. Do yourself a favor and find some...when you can. These can be hard to find.
Killian Timoney in United States January 18, 2010
"1st cigar 09"
great cigar to kick off new years eve w/ friends even burn great draw taste just fine hope to see more in my future
jbrant in January 1, 2009
"I feel I've been taken....robbed, really"
In looking for a mild upscale smoke to round out a small cigar list for a Resort Hotel, the AF Hemingway- Monti Cristo White Label #2 seemed to be logical choices to compare head to head, with the winner making the list. The MC had perfect construction and draw, looked great, but had less taste than an ultra lite cigarette....as in NO TASTE WHATSOEVER. What a joke, unfortunately the joke was on me. The AF Hemingway should have and probably would have beat it hands down except for the fact that it was plugged so badly, I could hardly get a taste at all. It also had some flaws in the wrapper that I didn't notice through the plastic that should never have made it past quality control. At this price point, that is totally unacceptable. With production numbers in the 25+ Million, it seems that the Fuentes are focusing too much on quantity and too little on quality, as others have experienced similar construction issues here. When I spend this kind of money on a stick, I expect at least a smokable product....and with the excellent line up of cigars on the market today (many of which are half the price of the Fuente, why should I bother to give them a second chance? Are they gonna give me my money back on that sad excuse they pawned off on me the first time? I say, don't waste your time....try something else. There's a lot better for a lot cheaper out there that deserve the business. Leave this for the name brand junkies who seem happy to pay premium prices for substandard quality just because it's a "Hemingway".
Ray in AUSTIN October 28, 2008
"Like Buttah"
I picked up a couple of these babies at my local shop and I knew they would be good from the other AF Hemingway reviews I've seen. But I had no idea that they were this good. Wonderful smooth, rich creamy flavor from beginning to end. The burn was even and consitent throughout. The draw got a little tight halfway through but a slight extra clip fixed that. The taste easily overrides any negative. I recommend highly. Can't wait till FSS gets some in online.
bud in Columbus, OH November 6, 2007
"A fine smooth smoke"
A fine smooth smoke. Very consistant - draw could be slightly easier.
in October 30, 2003
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10 Burn (85) 100
Poor Burn Rating Excellent

10 Consistency (86) 100
Poor Consistency Rating Excellent

10 Draw (86) 100
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10 Appearance (90) 100
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10 Taste (88) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (90) 100
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