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If we're all talking about the Fuente Fuente size, I'm not sure who is paying $40 each; I pay about $13. Along with most sizes of Opus, the Fuente Fuente is a delight when aged for a long time in constant humidity. The burn becomes stable and the complexity increases dramatically. Agree that young Opus is a pain burn wise, but aged 3 years, they truly are in a class all their own. I always have between 10 and 15 boxes in my humidor aging their way to a constant supply of boxes approaching 3 years. Don Carlos Double Robustos and #3s are a good runner up, but nothing beats an Opus Period.
Jim in Montana October 8, 2014
"over-rated, over priced"
good cigar, good draw, good construction. I have had many sub-ten dollar cigars that beat the opus x easily.
Wayne in Albuquerque May 13, 2013
"Great cigars"
I read the reviews posted, these people know nothing about great cigars. Opus x is not the only great cigar but it is in the top three. The people who wrote the bad reviews should stop smoking cigars until they understand how and why you smoke great cigars.
Kenneth in Ocean isle beach nc April 19, 2013
"Your dumb"
Anyone that spends $40.00 for this Opus is an idiot. You obviously don't know jack about Cigars. These may be an ok smoke at $10.00 at $40.00 they suck.
Alpo in Illinois October 12, 2012
"The lovely sweet aroma is off."
The aroma never materializes. After a third burned, the scent is more noticeable but not completely there. It remained that way to the end. I had smoke one on New Year Eve 2010; they are so much different. If I was blindfold, I would say it was a $5 cigar.
OCRiverside in Riverside October 12, 2012
"Not Great!"
I picked up one of these babies in Vegas and held it in my humidor for a year. Everyday i'd look at it and my mouth would water imagining how good it would be...boy was i dissapointed! Maybe it's because of all the hype surrounding these cigars or maybe, they're just not that good?? Construction, draw and appearance were flawless. Taste and burn left much to be desired and let's face it...i'd rather have a cigar look like shit and taste great. I'm a fan of Fuente's but i won't invest in another Opus!
Paulo in Canada January 19, 2012
"Save your money"
There is no doubt the Opus X in all of its versions is an outstanding cigar. Being a close friend of a member of Carlito's inner circle, I have sampled those wonderful sticks many times. Still I say that Padron Serie 1926 is a better choice, better price, less hype, top notch construction, taste, burn, and better "smokeability" and balance. However, If you wish to spend the money, please do so. The Fuentes are more than glad to recieve it.
Rafael in Odessa, FL February 26, 2008
"nice cigar and burn great construction good taste"
would like all sizes,made very well not rushed,nice leaf good taste.
Victor in Brooklyn n/y January 6, 2002
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