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Arturo Fuente Privada #1 Reviews [view details]

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"Short encounter with a beautiful lady"
6 3/4 x 44 The cigar ring seemed cheap and loose, making me thing the cigar was going to be the same......... Pre-light Hay 1st 1/3 Very smooth take off, medium body Sweet tobacco flavor, light chocolate, very creamy, light leather, sweet coffee Dam this is a sleeper, very enjoyable maduro wrapper Burns cool and little off on the burn, could be me hitting it to fast, being so tasty. Now some spicy ginger to sweet molasses, some light clove 2nd 1/3 Baby burns fast but what a pleasure, burn straighten out on it's own No pepper (yea baby!) semi sweet dark chocolate showing herself, yummy Light mint and light incense now. Final 1/3 No doubt complex and flavorful little bugga, I want a sampler of this line soon. Overall, this smoke was a real pleasure, and – at only $4.50 to $5 apiece – not one I will wait too long before indulging in again. I give the Arturo Fuente Privada No. 1 a 8.5 out of 10 Smoke time 50 min Short encounter with a beautiful lady
Dan in Cally June 20, 2013
"Get'm if you can find them"
Arturo Fuente Privada #1 Maduro. Beautiful wrapper. It has a light,spicey aroma with hint of leather. They have a perfect draw. My current favorite. Highly recommended
Bill in Ventura County, Ca. May 4, 2009
"A MUST for every humidor"
Spicy but soft, you have to take you time with this 6 3/4 lenght, easy draw from start to finish, the maduro is the way to go with stick but best of all, Fred said the supply Fuente will soon be a plenty.
Mark in Amarillo, TX March 25, 2000
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10 Construction (83) 100
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