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Arturo Fuente Rothschilds Reviews [view details]

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"¬°Que delicioso!"
Great smoke. Medium bodied. Good burn, good draw, full mouth of smoke. Woody and nutty flavor profile all the way through (well 2/3 of the way through). I was smoking this out by the jacuzzi with some good friends and my buddy bumped my arm and the last 3rd fell into the hot tub. Alas! I'm ordering some more. Considering these as an everyday-er.
Will Allen in California September 7, 2012
"Love this shorty"
Can't go wrong!
Dean in Maui February 18, 2011
What a treat. Strength builds to medium, smooth all the way to the nub. Perfect burn, just enough resistance in draw.
John S. in Grayslake,Il December 7, 2009
"Couldnt have been better!!"
Good after dinner cigar! Had a great burn with an awesome draw, perfect thick smoke! For the money,quality & performance they will always be in my humidor!!
Nick in Sioux Falls SD February 1, 2009
"a lot of taste and a good burn"
the only real drawback was the draw. i tried a maduro and a natural. the flavor and burn was great.
manfred in phoenix az June 24, 2008
"Go To Cigar For Sure"
I have smoked many of these. This is one of the most complex cigars on the market -- for a little over three bucks a stick. Spicey, but always well fermented and aged, never a sign of ammonia. They smoke well when fresh and when aged. I always have a box of these in the humidor. Every time I smoke one that slogan comes across my mind, "Only Fuente is Fuente."
August West in Arizona December 1, 2007
"Great Little Maduro."
This Fuente is small but large on flavor. It is the perfect size for a half hour lunch break. The wrapper is excellent and with all AF smokes it's quality is above all for the price. The stick gives plenty of smoke and the spice only gets better as you get to the band. Perfect cigar for the price. If you don't pick some up the better I will be.
Julian in Arizona December 22, 2006
"Typical Arturo Fuente"
Smoked some about 3 years ago. As usual, AF does a nice job in all aspects of cigar making. This was a good (not great) cigar. Construction, draw, burn and taste were as expected. A nice smoke except they are usually pricey.
Tom in Orange, CA May 10, 2005
"Worth the dough!!!!!!"
What a wonderful smoke. A bit on the strong side for my taste, but a smooth consistent cigar from start to finish. Have smoked the first ten in a box, and they just keep getting better!
Shane Marler in Kansas November 3, 2002
"Delicious Chocolate and Coffee beans"
Like taking candy from a baby. Chocolate kisses and woody flavors dominate this cigar. Excellent construction and consistent to the bone. But of course...its an Arturo Fuente. Sit down with a nice cup of Kona coffee and enjoy.
Carl in Honolulu, Hawaii September 28, 1999
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10 Construction (90) 100
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