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Arturo Fuente Sun Grown Double Chateau Reviews [view details]

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Arturo Fuente cigars are pure works of art. I open my humidor to pick a smoke, I see my Fuentes on one side and pick something else, becuase I don't want to dwindle my supply. Not to mention they are excellent when aged. The double chateau sun grown are wonderful aromatic and spicy, full bodied, but never harsh on the palate. I savored one for almost two hours one Sunday afternoon. I never fogot that smoke and always keep them in my humidor.
Ron H. in Rocky Hill, CT May 1, 2007
"Fuente Natural Sun Grown"
This is the end of my third box over the last two years. But,I want more, more pure sun grown taste. Complex, with strong sweet earthy tones. The aroma is not all cedar nose, but you can FEEL all the natural sun grown tobacoo on the pallet,, then it evolves into the sky and then, smooth rich soil,yet pleasing. The burn is even and the draw moderately easy, with a long light gray ash,,, Then,,, its all gone and then I wait unti I can smoke another or when the time is right.
Charles G in Central Coast California November 28, 2006
"2006 and All is well"
It had been a while since I smoked these. On a whim, I ordered a box from Famous. Welcome back old friend. They are still marvellous. Excellent construction, draw, appearance and taste. All this at an unbelieveable price point (especially if you buy them here). Catch'em when you can; better yet leave'm for me....
Allen Sirken in Texas September 21, 2006
"Quality and consistency and . . ."
. . . the perfect companion for walking 9 holes with your bag over your shoulder. Great off the tee, consistent from the fairway, sticks with wedges, and putts beautifully. A par smoke every time. Just as good at the end of the round from the deck looking back on the round with a friend.
Russ Leverenz in Eagan Minnesota January 24, 2004
"My favorite cigar!"
Okay ... ever since the first day I had this cigar it became my all time favorite! I mean this thing tastes better than any cigar that tastes twice as much (but glad they don't charge twice as much ;-)) It has an absolute gorgeous wrapper ... darker than a conneticut, but lighter than a maduro ... makes the mouth salivate just looking at it! I have two boxes sitting in my humidor as I write this ... ordered one from this web site, picked up another at a local shop ... hard to find so i buy them in quantity when i find them.
Adam in Chicago suburbs June 4, 2001
"A Masterpiece"
This cigar is so great, it's a masterpiece. From the solid construction, the cedar wrapper, the draw and the rich, strong taste. It will forever be my favorite cigar.
Chez in New York, NY December 21, 1999
"Big on Flavor, Easy on the Wallet"
This is one of my goto cigars. it's a big spicy cigar not for the newbie. It has full body with lots of flavor. One of my favorite Fuente smokes
Scotto in Sherman Oaks, CA November 16, 1999
"Quality for the money with flavor to go around"
Fuente always makes a quality product for the money. The sun grown wrapper is awesome. The taste, like spicy coffee. Great evening cigar. Take your time and enjoy it.
CTinch in Western New York October 2, 1999
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10 Construction (97) 100
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