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Arturo Fuente Sun Grown Royal Salute Reviews [view details]

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"All Time Favorite!"
I have tried many, many cigars over the years. All sizes and shapes, blends what have you. I always come back to my favorite. You simply will not find a better cigar.
Ronald Wall in San Antonio July 20, 2013
"None Finer"
Have been smoking these for a few years now, once in a while I stray to try other cigars but come back quickly. This is the finest cigar that I have ever smoked. Good in any venue, lasts 9 holes, you can finish a bunch of yard work or kick back for 50 minutes. If there is anything better out there I don't know what it is. I have been smoking cigars for over 40 years. Bless these people when they put them on sale. (even when its just a few bucks)
Ronald in San Antonio, Texas November 26, 2012
"Well worth the Money"
Big taste in a big package!
Jason in Va. Beach, Va. May 29, 2011
"What a Smoke !"
Mild, Mild, Mild ..but Taste, Taste, Taste...A MUST smoke!
Steven in Sunrise, Florida May 21, 2009
"Excellent smoke..would be great in 60"
Its a Fuente, need to say more...the only way to make this stick better is to up the ring gauge to a size 60
Joe in Newark, NJ June 23, 2008
"Great cigar! My favorite after dinner smoke."
Many an evening spent relaxing with a Royal Salute Sun Grown after dinner.
Norton in Woodbridge, Connecticut April 1, 2008
"A real "Beauty" in Looks, Packaging and Taste!"
A smooth mellow smoke from start to the end when I finally had to give it up to avoid "Finger Burn"! This one will always be at the top of my "Wish List". JS
Julius E Stuckey Jr in Alabama December 9, 2006
"Great taste,good draw,quality construction,and dec"
The only concern I have about my favorite smoke,Royal Salute Sun Grown,is that they are not the advertised 54 ring gauge. Why? The taste ,burn,and construction are all first rate!
Norton in Woodbridge,Connecticut August 18, 2004
"Blackhorse SEZ: One of the Greats!"
Those Double Chateaus are good alright, but not as good as these. I think the Chateau's higher rating is a function of those boys just never having tried a Royal Salute - or they would surely go back and correct their scores (if such a thing were possible). Like the Excalibur No. 1 Maduro and the Prensado (Oscuro)...the Fuente Hemingway Classic...the Punch Chatteau "L" Oscuro...the Torano Tribute, Silver, Gold, Signature, (well, pretty much all the Toranos!!!...the Royal Salute exists in a rarified class...world class!
Dave Mathews in Portland, Oregon, USA May 9, 2004
"Better than gold"
Just tried my first box of the Sun Grown, have been a Salute/Maduro man for years. I'm hooked. Just ordered two more boxes. This has a good flavor and an easy draw.
ND in Indianapolis, IN December 30, 2002
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10 Construction (97) 100
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