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Ashton Aged Maduro Reviews

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Ashton Aged Maduro #40
"Best of the Best"
By far one of the best cigars I have smoked. It's hard to find a flaw in this cigar. Gives the 2008 cigar of the year a run for its money.
Salvador L. in Texas August 19, 2009
Ashton Aged Maduro Pyramid
"Always a great smoke"
This my favorite smoke. I started smoking these and haven't found anything better.
Tom in Penfield September 13, 2008
Ashton Aged Maduro #40
I love the build,the look,and the burn. However, I enjoy a cigar with character. This one doesn't have much. It started off the same as it ended, no build up to no excitement.The flavor just didnt impress me for the price.
Paul in Vacouver August 12, 2008
Ashton Aged Maduro #30
"a grand slam for ashton."
Ashton cigars are great any time of the day.
barry in westchester April 26, 2008
Ashton Aged Maduro Pyramid
"This is a terrific smoke priced reasonably"
I am a fan of this cigar, especially enjoyed with a glass of port. Finish your day with one of these and everything will seem that much better.
Wayne Casa in Dallas January 18, 2008
Ashton Aged Maduro #15
"No wonder your out of these!"
No doubt about it, my favorite smoke. Lot's of woody flavor, great burn and just right with a cup of coffee. Not too strong, not too sweet, just right. I've gone up and down the size range but the number 15 stands out as the best. - Hey, Famous! I'm in for a couple boxes if you get these back in stock.
Adrian in Seymour CT May 20, 2007
Ashton Aged Maduro #20
"Smooth as silk!"
In a class of their own! these black beauties are so flavorfull, so well made,its no wonder they are almost impossible to find! The smell the feel the look,it's hard not to want to eat the dammed things! Trust me on this one, run out and buy a few of the #20's to start,Holy cow are they expensive!BUT WORTH EVERY DOLLAR. Lot of fakers out there guys,THEESE are for real, Oh you will burn your lips,sorry.
Kevin in Naperville,IL February 10, 2007
Ashton Aged Maduro #20
"Excellent Medium Bodied Smoke"
This is one of my favorite cigars. Good flavor, medium bodied, light gray ash. I find regular Ashton's too mild, however this aged maduro is smooth and tasty yet never overpowering. I class it as a mild medium-bodied cigar. It beat out Hemingway Signatures as a mainstay in my humidor.
Marcus Lawrence in FL October 21, 2006
Ashton Aged Maduro Pyramid
"A Great Smoke"
For my first experience with a dark wrapper, this was a great smoke. Very, very smooth. Very tasty. Plus, this probably had the best draw of any cigar I have smoked. For a full flavor cigar, this was a very smooth smoke.
Brian in Illinois September 2, 2006
Ashton Aged Maduro #40
"Big disappointment. Harsh. Not like an Ashton."
Famous' dark, sweet cigar If you like maduros with smooth flavor and a captivating aroma, One of Mike Smith's favorites. Dark, knobby thick wrapper. Faint pre-light aroma. Excellent white ash. Strong. Tastes like salt and pepper, with very little loamy or typical maduro flavors. Not sweet, not smooth. Too harsh. I stuck with it, to see if it got better. Uneven burn! The flavor got a tiny bit better, but still mostly pepper. Not smooth like the other Ashtons, at all. I would try more, but it was an unpleasant chore. That's unacceptable for an Ashton, or any cigar in that price range.
Overworked01 in CA July 12, 2006
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