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Ashton Cabinet Selection Reviews

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Ashton Cabinet Selection Tres Petite
"Great flavor, hard draw."
Just got one of these in a mistery six cigar sampler, i fact I m smoking it as I type. It is everything it is described to be, however, this one has a bit of a hard draw too it. kid of takes the enjoyment out of it.
Danny in Machesney Park February 24, 2014
Ashton Cabinet Selection #6
A nice little reminder that I have never had a bad one. Perfect burn. Perfect draw. Definitely buying more.
Chris in Salt Lake June 18, 2013
Ashton Cabinet Selection #3
"Still awesome"
Every single time i smoke one of these it makes me always wonder why i bother searching for new stuff. Havent smoked one of these for about 3mos now and i have to say that it's better than i remember. Still one of my favs and it never disappoints. Gonna let the rest of the box age for a year and revisit them next yr. in the meantime i'll buy another 2 boxes-1 to smoke, and 1 more to age. Def ranks up there w the diamond crown and davidoff classics as the 3 best mild smokes.
KS in NYC April 30, 2013
Ashton Cabinet Selection #2
this is a great cigar, but also pretty pricey. not as expensive as a davidoff classic which i love, but almost as good. similar profile-creamy, mild, nutty, w/mild cedar hints. i'd def buy these again, and actually purchased a bunch of the cabinet #2s %26 3s since they're on sale. can't go wrong and they're very consistent
K in NYC February 13, 2013
Ashton Cabinet Selection Belicoso
"Great smoke!"
This is a great stick. Full of flavor for a mild, smooth smoke, not really any spices. I had no burn issues and it was a perfect draw.
Brian in MA January 17, 2013
Ashton Cabinet Selection #2
I first tried these due to my winning an online auction. And I was very pleasantly surprised by all aspects of this cigar. It has since become one of my favorites. Regardless of whichever category you wish to discuss, I have rated this cigar quite high in all categories.
Craig in Hopewell Jct., NY October 12, 2012
Ashton Cabinet Selection #7
I am a "newbie" to cigar smoking and have been trying to find cigars that really satisfy. This is absolutely one of them. It's extremely smooth and consistent all the way through, with a deliciously light and creamy flavor. Definitely adding this to my list of favorites!
Tom in Michigan June 27, 2012
Ashton Cabinet Selection #1
"very nice smoke"
Very nice smoke with great construction. Apon opening it from wrapper it had a sweet aroma.It has a creamy light smoke with flavors of toasted nuts. This stick burns evenly with a salt and pepper ash that hangs tight. Overall I feel this is a great stick worthy of spending an afternoon with.
Mike in Oregon October 8, 2011
Ashton Cabinet Selection Belicoso
"My go to stick, mild, dry, cedar, great constuct"
Morning and night go to stick. Mild strength and body starts out dry cedar, later trans. to a nut. Burn and construction perfect. Draw is perfect too, on the loose side but tons of smoke. If you are looking for something with the same profile but creamy try the CAO Gold Vintage Cremant.
nick954 in Miami August 31, 2011
Ashton Cabinet Selection #7
"A tad disappointed actually"
I love the VSG Sorcerer and picked one of these up at my local shop wanting to give it a try. A good flavor, a tad milder than I expected. An un-even burn from a premium stogie? hmmm ... The draw is a little weak in my opinion too. Maybe it is just a bad stick, it happens.
Chopstix in Michigan April 2, 2011
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