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Ashton Cabinet Selection Reviews

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Ashton Cabinet Selection #7
"one of the best."
So far this is the best cigar that I had but I still be trying many more. Still, this is very smooth and very good.
Jonathon in CA, USA February 7, 2010
Ashton Cabinet Selection Pyramid
Almost has the same qualities of the Ashton Aged Maduro, every little detail has not been overlooked on this fine cigar, very pleasant to smoke. Good as a breakfast smoke.
Salvador in Texas September 18, 2009
Ashton Cabinet Selection #7
"Good Summer Smoke"
good summer smoke, not to strong, not to bland. A little on the light side for my preference, def over priced (a good value for say $7). I personally would take a RYJ Reserve real over this one, but then again its a personal preference. Not a must have in the humi, but will be nice on a hot summer day after a BBQ.
EJ in Vista Ca July 6, 2008
Ashton Cabinet Selection #8
"Not worth the money..."
very uneven burn requiring frequent touch-ups. taste was nothing special, especially considering the price. would not buy again
13.45 in Santa Fe, NM February 25, 2008
Ashton Cabinet Selection #3
"What a waste of money!"
One of the worst tasting sticks on the planet. As with every other Ashton I have ever tried they just like to burn out and you spend more time relighting and touching them up than actually smoking them. I will stick with Punch and Rocky Patel from now on.
S. Newsense in Baltimore, MD December 25, 2007
Ashton Cabinet Selection #7
"Very nice cigar"
Great smoke. Burned a little uneven, but my light may be to blame. I still ended up smoking this one past the band. Go get one.
Larry in Arkansas August 31, 2007
Ashton Cabinet Selection #3
"Best Cigar"
Very Melow stick, AGED, and very good looking, The Best.
alaskaoneman in Rancho Dominguez January 25, 2007
Ashton Cabinet Selection #8
"Full flavor without sharpness"
Don't let the "mild" designation fool you. This is an outstanding smoke. Full of flavor, excellent draw, perfect construction, wonderful aroma. Worth every penny!
Ray in Short Hills November 17, 2006
Ashton Cabinet Selection #2
"smooth as cotton candy"
This is the first cigar I have ever tasted,wowow !I remember that experience as though it was yesterday.I lit it up.then found myself transported to a most peaceful relaxing state.I said to myself, " This is why people smoke cigars" Well to make long story short,this is a unique cigar,like gold, MY SUPER BOWL CIGAR..THE FINEST CIGAR IN THE WORLD.
cid alarid in CA June 2, 2006
Ashton Cabinet Selection Belicoso
"High price"
There is nothing wrong with this cigar at all. It has all the qualities you would expect from the manufacturer. I just don't think the experiance justifies the price tag. While it's nice to have a few of these in your humidor to impress visitors, you can get just as good a smoke from much less expensive cigars.
Jason in Youngstown April 8, 2006
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