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I am a "newbie" to cigar smoking and have been trying to find cigars that really satisfy. This is absolutely one of them. It's extremely smooth and consistent all the way through, with a deliciously light and creamy flavor. Definitely adding this to my list of favorites!
Tom in Michigan June 27, 2012
"A tad disappointed actually"
I love the VSG Sorcerer and picked one of these up at my local shop wanting to give it a try. A good flavor, a tad milder than I expected. An un-even burn from a premium stogie? hmmm ... The draw is a little weak in my opinion too. Maybe it is just a bad stick, it happens.
Chopstix in Michigan April 2, 2011
"one of the best."
So far this is the best cigar that I had but I still be trying many more. Still, this is very smooth and very good.
Jonathon in CA, USA February 7, 2010
"Good Summer Smoke"
good summer smoke, not to strong, not to bland. A little on the light side for my preference, def over priced (a good value for say $7). I personally would take a RYJ Reserve real over this one, but then again its a personal preference. Not a must have in the humi, but will be nice on a hot summer day after a BBQ.
EJ in Vista Ca July 6, 2008
"Very nice cigar"
Great smoke. Burned a little uneven, but my light may be to blame. I still ended up smoking this one past the band. Go get one.
Larry in Arkansas August 31, 2007
New to cigar smoking. Have tried several different brands and didn't care for any of them. But then I tried the Ashton. Outstanding. Liked them so much I smoked 2 in a row. But the price. OUCH!!
Ed Jones in Wash., D.C. January 30, 2002
"This is one beautiful cigar"
From the silkiness of the wrapper, to the smooth draw and full rich, yet tempered flavour, this is one beautiful cigar. I highly recommend it.
Scott Edwards in Pa June 18, 1999
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10 Construction (91) 100
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