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Ashton Classic Reviews

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Ashton Classic Double Magnum
Absolutely the best cigar that I have ever smoked!
David in South Carolina April 21, 2013
Ashton Classic Esquire (10)
"Above Average"
Not the best looking small cigar. But OK draw and mild for a quick smoke.
Rob in Brasil April 20, 2013
Ashton Classic Esquire (10)
"Can't make my mind up!"
First two I had were far too strong, almost harsh. But 3rd was inline with other reviewers. Nice look though.
Rob in Brasil April 19, 2013
Ashton Classic Senoritas (10)
"Not bad at all!"
Decent mild/medium smoke for fans of smaller cigars - I was pleasantly surprised. Not the best looking, but a pleasant smoke all the same.
Rob in Brasil April 19, 2013
Ashton Classic Crystal #1 (Glass Tube)
"Okay smoke"
Came highly recommended to me, maybe just not my taste but there was an overpowering spicy flavor for the first 10 minutes of smoking which mellowed out into a cedar and almond flavor. Bottom line, I've spent less on much better cigars.
Jason in NY March 3, 2013
Ashton Classic Monarch (Aluminum Tube)
"Great Mild Cigar"
A friend recommended this cigar for me as a new cigar smoker. I've made it a point to keep a couple in my humidor since the first time. It has a very pleasant mild taste and nice aroma. It burns evenly and has a consistent draw. What I love the most is when I'm finished I do not taste it for the next several days. Also, locally it is priced at $14 before tax! I definitely recommend purchasing these online from famous smoke shop.
AJ in Louisiana February 22, 2013
Ashton Classic Half Corona (5)
"I will order more."
I like the size, taste, burn, draw, and scent! I think it is the size that makes this cigar consistent.
Shane in Wa November 20, 2012
Ashton Classic Senoritas (10)
"not overly impressed"
Not overly impressed. I thought they had a somewhat harsh woodsy taste, which lingered throughout. Unlike the other premium Ashton cigars. I won't try again.
smokefan in wash dc September 21, 2012
Ashton Classic Crystal #1 (Glass Tube)
"Smooth as Silk"
Just got a box of 10 and couldn't be more pleased. Ashtons have been remarkably consistent for me through the years and this one is the best. Perfectly wrapped, very smooth taste and a great aroma.
W. L. in Virginia July 31, 2012
Ashton Classic Half Corona (5)
"good flavor and aroma"
My perfect cigar - taste and aroma are exquisite - however, from time to time they arrive dry, cracked, even crushed - 2 50ct boxes had the wrappers split and loose and both ends - that's an $80 waste - also, these little cigars a over-priced
W. L. in Virginia July 31, 2012 July 26, 2012
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