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Ashton Classic Reviews

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Ashton Classic Senoritas (10)
"not overly impressed"
Not overly impressed. I thought they had a somewhat harsh woodsy taste, which lingered throughout. Unlike the other premium Ashton cigars. I won't try again.
smokefan in wash dc September 21, 2012
Ashton Classic Crystal #1 (Glass Tube)
"Smooth as Silk"
Just got a box of 10 and couldn't be more pleased. Ashtons have been remarkably consistent for me through the years and this one is the best. Perfectly wrapped, very smooth taste and a great aroma.
W. L. in Virginia July 31, 2012
Ashton Classic Half Corona (5)
"good flavor and aroma"
My perfect cigar - taste and aroma are exquisite - however, from time to time they arrive dry, cracked, even crushed - 2 50ct boxes had the wrappers split and loose and both ends - that's an $80 waste - also, these little cigars a over-priced
W. L. in Virginia July 31, 2012 July 26, 2012
Ashton Classic Crystal #1 (Glass Tube)
"Never Disappoints"
My favorite cigar. These NEVER disappoint. Great, distinct but mild taste with always good draw and full burn. Perfect aroma.
W. Wilson in Virginia July 20, 2012
Ashton Classic Corona
"Not impressed"
I guess i was expecting too much. Flavor being the main issue, burned great but the taste just wasn't there for me. Paying $8 for a corona I feel u should get a fairly good smoke. I would take the $5 Fonseca over this. IMO
Jared in Mass. May 29, 2012
Ashton Classic Cordial
"refined and smooth"
I love the size and that it is a plain simple smoke. It is perfect for a beginner, quite elegant.
carol in oklahoma March 18, 2012
Ashton Classic Double Magnum
"smooth smoke"
this one of my favorites.i have a few that i really like and ashton was one of my first favorites when i was a rookie and it's still one of my favorites today.smooth with a bit of pepper taste,but not too much where it's offensive.good burn too
vin in brooklyn February 28, 2012
Ashton Classic Half Corona (5)
"Love it"
The full corona is my second favorite smoke. Now I have a smaller version perfect for the drive to work.
Scott in Rochester NY February 24, 2012
Ashton Classic Crystal #1 (Glass Tube)
"OK---but I think over-rated"
I just found the construction is be inconsistent. Everything else about this cigar was very good to excellent: appearance-flavor-taste-burn. The problem that I found was that I never knew exactly how much to clip off before firing up the cigar. This was because sometime I found a very difficult draw---other times, it was like sucking on a straw. I can see why, for the most part, this cigar gets high grades, but I shall most probably not buy these again.
Craig C in White Plains, NY February 1, 2012
Ashton Classic Majesty
"A pleasurable half hour smoke"
A real pleasure after a fine meal on my patio with the sun setting
Robert Stocki in Massachusetts July 24, 2011
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