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Ashton Classic Reviews

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Ashton Classic Double Magnum
"My favorite cigar"
This has become my favorite cigar, a real nice burn, and mellow tastes, wish I could get a box of them.
Dave Murnane in West Deptford July 2, 2011
Ashton Classic Sovereign
Very nice cigar. You play a little more for the pointy end than you would for a flat top. Very similar in taste compared to the Churchill. Smooth, easy draw. Burns even. Nice firm ash that doesn't flake off.
John in Aliquippa, PA June 17, 2011
Ashton Classic Esquire (10)
"Love them"
I love these. They're just to expensive. If it were cheaper it would be my everyday cigar.
John in USA April 6, 2011
Ashton Classic Corona
"Great Smoke!"
This is a great little smoke. one of my favorite and i always keep my stock full of them.
sam in naperville March 28, 2011
Ashton Classic Corona
"My favorite"
New to cigars having only smoked about 10 different ones so far but this one is way ahead of the rest for me. Very smooth, perfect draw, hardly any aftertaste, no odor on clothes, just a creamy smoke with a little spice and slight sweet aroma. Bought a 50 cig humi - gonna buy a box of these as my go to cig. wish they didnt cost so much.
beenfer in Pa March 18, 2011
Ashton Classic Cigarillo (10)
"Nice quick smoke"
I've been looking for that quick, smooth smoke in allot of brands and finally found it. This is a very smooth buttery smoke, a bit on the full bodied side but not harsh like other small cigars. If you are looking for a smoke that takes about 5 minutes or so this is the one for you.
Hrc in Chicago February 5, 2011
Ashton Classic 8-9-8
"Kewl Smoke, Hit Me!"
This is a mild, everyday smoke of the highest quality. Buy this and a box of VSG, and you're covering all the basses. Many bargains are offered here, but do yourself a favor, smoke the best: you'll never tire of these!
Don in Denver February 2, 2011
Ashton Classic Corona
"Top of the line"
Sweet, consistent, top of the line. I give these to my non(regular) cigar smoking friends and they always like them.
brad gammell in Houston November 20, 2010
Ashton Classic Esquire (10)
"Not bad ,if you don't have the time for a 50 rin"
I like these when I just don't have the time to smoke a 50 ring smoke. I like to watch the sun set with a glass of red wine and one of these little guys. They have a decent favor, and I like the old west appearance, the burn and consistency are also quite good. They maybe alittle pricey but it like everything else, you get what you pay for. So if your short on time and like a earthy favor smoke these could be the one for you, they are for me. Aloha!
Kimo Kauai in Kauai, Hawaii September 23, 2010
Ashton Classic Churchill
"Excellent cigar, my personal favorite"
Just bought another box. I've smoked this cigar for years. This is a mild, smooth smoke with flavors of cream, coffee, and nutmeg. As you get to the middle of the cigar flavors of toast and nut come to play. It's complex, burns evenly, and is a beautiful long lasting cigar. Ashton construction is of great quality and very consistent.
Shawn in Missouri September 8, 2010
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