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Ashton Classic Double Magnum Reviews [view details]

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Absolutely the best cigar that I have ever smoked!
David in South Carolina April 21, 2013
"smooth smoke"
this one of my favorites.i have a few that i really like and ashton was one of my first favorites when i was a rookie and it's still one of my favorites today.smooth with a bit of pepper taste,but not too much where it's offensive.good burn too
vin in brooklyn February 28, 2012
"My favorite cigar"
This has become my favorite cigar, a real nice burn, and mellow tastes, wish I could get a box of them.
Dave Murnane in West Deptford July 2, 2011
"Great Mild Cigar, perfect with a good red wine!"
Great Mild Cigar, perfect with a good red wine or tawny port. Doesn't overpower the pallet, good before or after dinner.
Bill in Oregon September 11, 2008
"Great smoke"
This is a very good cigar, I highly recomended
Claude in Alta Loma April 28, 2008
Best mild cigar I have ever smoked!I was a Montecristo White label guy. But I have switched. I have had all the ashton classic cigars and they are all good but the cedar wrap on the double magnum makes the difference. oh my god. I tell my wife to leave me alone for 120 min when I light this cigar
paul eischens in gilroy ca December 30, 2007
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10 Construction (91) 100
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