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Ashton Classic Half Corona (5) Reviews [view details]

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"One Of The Best Short Smoke Cigars"
These are still my favorite short smoke cigars. Haven't found one better. This is a bit more of a smoke than the cigarillos but worth it. I knocked it down on the construction as there were times that I would get one in a box that is not properly wrapped and led to a poor draw. But normally, they are great for a little smoke.
TJ72 in New Jersey January 10, 2015
"Perfect wedding cigar!"
Classic look, great draw and best short smoke there is! I can take these to weddings and enjoy a fine cigar for 15 minutes, before the wife knows I m missing. I was at first hesitant to buy but they will always have a place in my box till I m gone.
Chuck in Texas March 21, 2014
"Excellent Short Smoke"
An excellent sub-mid-size cigar. Great for a 10-15 minute quickie. The only thing I regret is that there I don t know of a full-corona version of the exact same thing.
Rich Alford in NJ December 20, 2013
"Very Convenient Smoke."
I use these for a quick smoke. They are very good and you don't have to cut them or remove a wrapper. Awesome taste and draw!
Donnie in Bennett September 20, 2013
"A Rip-Off?"
VERY disappointed! The cigars were naked (No cellophane wrappers), and though they did taste okay, they are cut filler. I can get CAO's for about the same price, and I will in the future.
Pete Cooper, Jr. in Broussard, LA. September 8, 2013
""My new little go too, very tasty""
I was unsure at first about purchasing a small Ashton version. Was I ever surprised! The flavor, aroma, draw, and burn time for this little gem was exquisite. My wife even gave a positive remark about the cigar, and trust me, she's a very harsh critic. So with an astounding two thumbs up, I strongly encourage everyone to try them at least once and draw your own review.
Ken in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania August 5, 2013
"I will order more."
I like the size, taste, burn, draw, and scent! I think it is the size that makes this cigar consistent.
Shane in Wa November 20, 2012
"good flavor and aroma"
My perfect cigar - taste and aroma are exquisite - however, from time to time they arrive dry, cracked, even crushed - 2 50ct boxes had the wrappers split and loose and both ends - that's an $80 waste - also, these little cigars a over-priced
in July 26, 2012
"Love it"
The full corona is my second favorite smoke. Now I have a smaller version perfect for the drive to work.
Scott in Rochester NY February 24, 2012
"Great Little Smoke"
Just like the big boys. Same great Ashton taste! Perfect for those time when you don't have time for a full cigar.
Kurt in NJ November 30, 2009
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10 Consistency (97) 100
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10 Draw (94) 100
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10 Appearance (85) 100
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10 Taste (94) 100
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10 Construction (84) 100
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