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Ashton Classic Magnum Reviews [view details]

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"Quick Burning"
Not so Great Stolky Fair taste Burn to end without relighting but burned Quickly Average Cigar
Wilfredo in New York January 21, 2014
An absolutely fantastic mild cigar that whispers Dominican Republic. With eyes closed in a blind test I'd know I was smoking a very good DR cigar with this one. The conn shade wrapper is pure cream as is the flavor and aroma. My favorite Ashton.
Earl in Tennessee May 10, 2013
I have been smoking Cigars for 60 yrs. or so. The Ashton Magnum was very disappointing, Too easy on the draw, uneven, fast burn, separation of wrapper, lousy for $160. bucks. I'll go back to Rom Jul. or Sancho Pnza. any day for the money. JD
jim in Baton Rouge, La. April 23, 2010
This is by far the best cigar I have ever tried. I am not a seasoned cigar smoker yet, but have tried many brands. A fantastic taste, creamy and nutty, with a superior burn and draw. The smoke itself is a pleasure to let surround you...what an experience. I will continue to sample, but I will always come back to this one for a tried and true!
Shawn M. in NY October 7, 2009
"Not up to Ashton Standard"
I have been consistently very pleased with the taste and performance of all Ashton cigars that I have tried until the Magnum ... has great Ashton taste but could not keep it lit and consequently the burn was inconsistent and uncharacteristically poor compared to my prior experiences.
Paul in Memphis August 17, 2009
"Top notch, one of the best, this cigar has it all!"
Top quality, superb taste. One of the very best cigars I've ever smoked. Almost as good as a Cuban Montecristo. No disappointments here.
Foghatter in Olympia July 26, 2008
"Excellent Mild Cigar"
Excellent mild cigar. Nice creamy overtone throughout the entire smoke. I always seem to come back to the Ashton Classic. Always enjoyable, and always a high quality smoke. Consistent burn, great construction and a complete joy.
G Smith in Northern Va. April 26, 2008
"Great Cigar"
Ashton Cigars are great cigars. The Magnum is my favorite cigar.Taste aroma this cigar has it all.
Richard in Secaucus NJ October 22, 2007
"A great mild cigar"
As mild cigars go, this one is great. For novice or the seasoned smoker looking for a change you cannot beat the Ashton. This cigar delivers a smooth, creamy flavor with aroma that is delightful. This cigar has great construction and burn, and an overall enjoyable smoke. The price may be high, but if feel it is worth it for a nice relaxing smoke.
Steven in Nebraska October 8, 2007
"Nothing to write home about-might improve with age"
At this price-level, and from the other reviews, I guess I had high expectations. Sure the floral flavor and peppery finish were good, and the construction outstanding. I found the smoke harsh, at times, and I could list several, possibly less expensive cigars, in a similar category, that I would prefer: Macanudo for one--even Partagas.
Jerry in Connecticut June 6, 2007
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