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Ashton Estate Sun Grown Reviews

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Ashton Estate Sun Grown 20 Year Salute
"Forget Cuba"
22 years...This was the best I have had the pleasure to try. What a wonderful cigar. If I could I afford it every day it would be the only cigar I would smoke.
An anonymous smoker March 23, 2014
Ashton Estate Sun Grown 22 Year Salute
This is it,the one I've been looking for! This is the best cigar I've ever had. 100 in every category except burn. Worth every cent.
Magna in Reno February 5, 2014
Ashton Estate Sun Grown 22 Year Salute
This cigar is the BEST cigar I have tried, it really BOOOM! it........
Hernan Welsh in Monterrey, Mexico December 29, 2013
Ashton Estate Sun Grown 23 Year Salute
These are great smooth cigars. Not as strong as the VSG's but very good. Defineatly worth the price. You will not be dissappointed.
SD in Long Island, NY April 15, 2013
Ashton Estate Sun Grown 22 Year Salute
"best ciger ever"
this cigar has it all. best draw, burn, appearance, taste, consistency and did i say taste WOW!!! what a taste
john in nj January 14, 2013
Ashton Estate Sun Grown 22 Year Salute
"Great cigar"
Ashton ESG is by fare the best cigar out there I always have some in my box.
Michael in Southold NY September 26, 2012
Ashton Estate Sun Grown 20 Year Salute
"They age beautifully"
Am enjoying the last of a 5 year old box. They only get better. Am ordering more.
Uncle Dave in Fishers, IN August 13, 2012
Ashton Estate Sun Grown 23 Year Salute
"Worth every penny!"
I had a friend hook me up with one of these. Within minutes, I could tell it was special. I since have bought a box and have enjoyed 3 so far. Wow, great draw, smoke and burn. Flavor is medium with deep aromas and lots of spice. nicely packed and hold a very long white ash. consitant burn and flavors throughout. Smoke this all the way to the end it is that enjoyable. Yes, there is some $ here but it does not disappoint. Cognac or Scotch is the perfect companion! Just Do It!!!!
Kevin in Illinois July 26, 2012
Ashton Estate Sun Grown 23 Year Salute
"Second Review - This is the one"
I have to review this cigar again. After smoking this one a while ago, i smoked and tried many cigars in hopes of finding something as good for cheaper. I found quite a few good stogies along the way and have collected quite a few. Tonight i lit up this 23 yr salute for only the 2nd time and there is no denying this cigar is perfect in every way. Flavor, Burn, Construction, the smoke is just magical. This is the one. If you have the means to try one or many, please do. I've rated a few cigars in the low 90's but this one is 100 - perfect accross the board.
DB in PA May 18, 2012
Ashton Estate Sun Grown 21 Year Salute
"Great Experience"
Having smoked the 23yr Salute ESG recently i can say that the 21yr is very similar but more full bodied. Perfect construction with an easy draw and somewhat fast burn. This cigar starts out spicy with that white and blue smoke and then adds in complexity as it goes. I'd rate this gar a 95 because it was awesome but burnt quite fast. Smoke time was 50min. Bought a 5-pack on Monster name your price - its an ESG i had to try it!
DB2 in PA March 7, 2012
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