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Ashton Estate Sun Grown Reviews

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Ashton Estate Sun Grown 23 Year Salute
"Second Review - This is the one"
I have to review this cigar again. After smoking this one a while ago, i smoked and tried many cigars in hopes of finding something as good for cheaper. I found quite a few good stogies along the way and have collected quite a few. Tonight i lit up this 23 yr salute for only the 2nd time and there is no denying this cigar is perfect in every way. Flavor, Burn, Construction, the smoke is just magical. This is the one. If you have the means to try one or many, please do. I've rated a few cigars in the low 90's but this one is 100 - perfect accross the board.
DB in PA May 18, 2012
Ashton Estate Sun Grown 21 Year Salute
"Great Experience"
Having smoked the 23yr Salute ESG recently i can say that the 21yr is very similar but more full bodied. Perfect construction with an easy draw and somewhat fast burn. This cigar starts out spicy with that white and blue smoke and then adds in complexity as it goes. I'd rate this gar a 95 because it was awesome but burnt quite fast. Smoke time was 50min. Bought a 5-pack on Monster name your price - its an ESG i had to try it!
DB2 in PA March 7, 2012
Ashton Estate Sun Grown 23 Year Salute
"Did not disappoint"
High price cigars have a tendancy to disappoint, but this one did not. Smoked it down as far as it would go. Excellent aroma and flavor - seemed like medium body to me. The wrapper had a sheen to it which told me it had been well aged, although very fragile so be careful with these. Gave one to a friend and when we were done we wanted another. Wish i could afford to buy more!
DB in PA February 19, 2012
Ashton Estate Sun Grown 21 Year Salute
"Awesome! Best Cigar Ever!"
The ESG, is immeasurable! For those of us who love a great smoke... this is like Mercedes Benz AMG at 160 mph.
Mike Winberg in Yardley Pa December 2, 2010
Ashton Estate Sun Grown 22 Year Salute
""Best Cigar - I have ever Smoked""
I have treated myself to many $30 Cigars... The Ashton ESG is by far the best money spent - for a great cigar.
Mike Winberg in Backs County PA November 9, 2010
Ashton Estate Sun Grown 21 Year Salute
"truly a wonderful smoke!"
just a great cigar. expensive however. but for that special occasion or just to treat yourself, then this is the cigar. mine was a freebie (gift) but have since purchased 5.
edb in ohio September 27, 2010
Rocky Patel Xtreme
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