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Ashton Heritage Puro Sol Reviews

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Ashton Heritage Puro Sol Corona Gorda
"Holy crap is this good"
I have smoked a LOT of cigars in my life and this cigar is absolutely awesome. I don't know what else to say. It's expensive though. But it is GOOD!
Mike in New Hampshire July 31, 2010
Ashton Heritage Puro Sol Churchill
"Ashton Wrapper"
That's a Cameroon wrapper? For the amount of money paid, and for the flavor received, maybe the Cameroon was from Siberia...
Jim O in NY February 22, 2010
Ashton Heritage Puro Sol Churchill
"Good and Bad"
I smoked one of these for the first time tonight, a Churchill. The flavor and aroma were excellent, my wife even commented on the bouquet. However, after I had smoked about 1/4 of it, there was a popping sound and the the wrapper snapped. It started coming undone and I spent the better part of an hour trying to keep it together. I would expect a better performance considering the general price of these. I will try them again to see if this was a fluke.
Steve in Bucks County September 10, 2008
Ashton Heritage Puro Sol Corona Gorda
"One of my favorites"
I couldn't disagree more with the negative reviews about the Heritage wrapper and construction. Every Heritage I smoked had excellent construction, including a nice tight wrapper, producing a good draw. Since the other reviews are between 1 - 3 years old I suspect Ashton has improved its manufacturing since then. This is one of my favorites, although, at it's price it is not my everyday cigar.
Charlie in Columbia, MD May 26, 2008
Ashton Heritage Puro Sol Double Corona
"Like Throwing Your Money Away? Look No Further"
Absolutely the most poorly constructed cigar I have ever bought. So far, on two of three, the wrapper has split all the way to the band shortly after lighting. At $8-10 a stick this is beyond inexcusable. I have repeatedly written to Ashton about this. So far, they have chosen to ignore me. Beware this incredibly badly made cigar.
Steve in Lehigh Valley, PA March 7, 2007
Ashton Heritage Puro Sol #2
"Excellent Full Flavored Smoke"
I purchased a five pack at auction and let the cigars sit in my humidor for a few weeks. The resulting cigars are very similar to Fuentes' Don Carlos. Full flavor, slightly peppery, superb.
Emanuel Lekas in CA August 14, 2006
Ashton Heritage Puro Sol Churchill
"Outstanding cigar, rich aroma and flavor"
Nice, medium brown, veined wrapper, easily notched, slightly sweet flavor on the tongue, pre-light. Easy light, followed immediately by a wonderful rich aroma! This is a fairly rich cigar, but not a maduro flavor, just a very rich, vaguely Cuban, dark natural flavor. It is my favorite Cameroon wrapper and actually reminiscent of some (non-aromatic) pipe tobaccos. Hints of cedar and a slight spiceyness develop quickly. There is a wonderful nose of tobacco, like a fine wine; it's worth sniffing the air around the cigar, which is flavored by the oils evaporating from the wrapper as the wrapper heats in front of the burn. Flavor builds. Cigar has a nice finish if you leave about 2 inches. Richer and stronger than the Ashton Classic, w/o the faint butterscotch aroma. Incidentally, I've had absolutely no wrapper problems.
Overworked01 in CA June 23, 2006
Ashton Heritage Puro Sol Double Corona
"Wrapper Problems on a Great Cigar"
As Mike wrote before me, these are great, traditional Ashton cigars. Mild but very well balanced, over-priced but with the Ashton "feel" that reeks elegance and class. For me, the draw is perfect, the taste is mild but complex and interesting all the way through. What spoils these cigars has been a persistent problem with the wrappers. About half of them come undone, and in about half of those the problem is so severe I end up throwing the thing away, which is a shame both for the cost and the loss of a great cigar. I'm interested if others have seen this? It doesn't happen with other Ashtons and I doubt it's my humidor, but the wrappers crack, flake off, and in extreme cases just plain un-wind. Comments from others?
Phil in Oregon June 3, 2005
Ashton Heritage Puro Sol Robusto
"Nice Mild Cigar"
After going through a box of VSG's, I expected this cigar to exhibit the same strenth as it and other sun grown premiums. It doesn't; it has a terrific, spicy mild flavor, but won't give the spice kick you might expect from an all-sungrown, cameroon-wrapped cigar. The draw was a little too tight to suit my tastes, but it was well constructed and left a nice white ash. It is somewhat overpriced, like all Ashtons in my opinion (except for the VSG). If you like cigars in the strength range of an Ashton Aged Maduro, you might like this.
Mike M. in Minneapolis April 22, 2005
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