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Ashton Virgin Sun Grown Corona Gorda Reviews [view details]

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"Nothing better"
I just smoked the last Ashton VSG Corona Gorda in my humidor. When I bought these, I thought they were a bit too strong. After a year in the humidor, this cigar tasted as good as the best Cubans, and drew perfectly. I intend to buy another box.
Joe in New Rochelle, NY July 16, 2011
This is my all time favorite cigar...I have never had one with a bad draw. They are pricey so I can't afford to smoke them everyday...but I keep a box in my humidor. They are full flavored but not overpowering...A must try for anyone who has not yet tried
TG3 in LOUISANA June 6, 2011
I cannot remember ever smoking a better cigar. I've purchased all types of cigars from affordable everyday kind to the opus x but "vsg's", damn, they are in a league of there own. If I could stock my humidors with only these I would.
Andy in Harlingen, TX June 21, 2010
"smooth full"
Very nice construction with hints of nuts, coffee and undertones of earthiness. One of the great non-Cuban smokes.
NoCause in NJ June 12, 2010
"Hello Sargent Pepper"
Lets see this is about a $10 cigar. so visually and mechincally it should be perfect. It was not. looked ok. burn was noting special, had to touch it up about 4 times. The draw was down right awful. way way too tight and difficult to smoke. Makes you draw too hard and heats the thing up too much. Now taste is subjective but i have to say . . only buy this cigar if you like PEPPER . it was the most peppery cigar i ever had . . overwhelmingly so. kinda ruined it for me. On an expensive cigar i expect a smooth smoke end to end and an amazing finish that i don't want to put down. The finish on this one was less than average. I wouldn't keep these at $5 a piece
kfabel in Plainfield, NJ September 21, 2009
"Strong, smooth, incredible"
This is a great evening cigar. If you like a full flavored cigar you will love the Ashton VSG's.
Bruce in Austin June 7, 2002
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10 Burn (89) 100
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10 Consistency (89) 100
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10 Draw (90) 100
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10 Appearance (91) 100
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10 Taste (93) 100
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10 Construction (89) 100
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