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Ashton Virgin Sun Grown Eclipse Tube Reviews [view details]

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"Nothing special"
I was very excited to get some very best cigars for a special occasion. Unfortunately all 5 Eclipse Tubes were nothing special at all. They looked good, they smelled good, but the taste was not there at all. I shared one with friend and his experience was the same. I've had better $2 cigars than this Ashton. Very disappointed.
VT in Michigan September 18, 2013
This is the best cigar I have ever had. Hands down this cigar is awesome. If you are looking for a assortment of flavor and full bodied the Eclipse is the way. The flavor lingers on your palette long after your final pull.
PSH in Valley Stream NY September 9, 2013
Top notch cigar,doesn't get any better than this!
Gary in Chicago September 1, 2012
This was a gorgeous smoke!It has fantastic flavor and long lasting! the flavor was very full with very little "pepper" bite and stayed consistent
in December 21, 2011
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