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Ashton Virgin Sun Grown Enchantment Reviews [view details]

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"Burn issues"
Full nicotine strength and medium-full flavors of mostly wood and nuts, however, the burn was terrible, canoeing on the last half, and then the wrapper started unraveling towards the nub.
Stefan in City by the Bay January 20, 2014
"Best Smoke of any Cigar in the World"
I have smoked cigars all over the world, but for the price and quality nothing comes close to this incredible cigar. Slow burn and mild taste is whats fantastic on this gem of a cigar. Hoping Ashton will be making this fine cigar for many years to come.
Greg Hoelk in Austin, Texas July 3, 2011
DON in PHOENIX, AZ. January 12, 2009
"Full throttle experience - sweet"
This stogie's shape is risky because sometimes you get a bad light, or an irregular burn -- but oh man, when this stick is firing on all cylinders, you'll want to fasten your seat belt and hang on because it's a hell of a fun ride. This is the Ashton VSG tobacco and it's head-of-the class stuff, deep and complex, tasting well-aged right out of the box. After lighting, but before the full girth of the 60 ring part of this stick gets going, there's a great spicy-complex flavor that hints about what is coming. You keep herfing... the full volume of the cigar gets going... wham! A huge, lush flavor -- the best of what the VSG line has to offer -- sucker-punches you. This isn't a dark/strong flavor, it's just rich and meaty without being heavy. You keep herfing, and that richness gets more focused, like the shape of the stick -- at this point, like a torpedo of sorts -- stronger, spicier, kicks like a mule. You can smoke one of these in a half-hour and feel like you've been out relaxing for three hours. More than most sticks, the shape of this stog shows off the tobacco. Who should smoke this cigar? Not for newbies, because it could be overpowering, but for anyone who wants to experience a jolt from an amazing line of cigars: this is a damn fun cigar to smoke.
upNorth in Fairbanks, AK September 25, 2008
"Right up with Opus X"
This is one of the best sticks out. The only one I have found better is the Opus. Always have some in the hummi. Its is hard to get any better but a long sit does it.
Erik in Ann Arbor September 4, 2008
"A wonderful tasting and fun smoke. Excellent!!"
Upon recommendation, I tried this smoke. Boy was it a good time. I like figuerados anyway, so not only was this a smooth and flavorful smoke, but it was fun. It's a creamy, mellow, smokey cigar with a lot of flavor. I can't wait to get my hands on other VSG's especially the Enchantment.
Mike Kernodle in North Carolina September 27, 2002
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10 Appearance (98) 100
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10 Taste (95) 100
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10 Construction (92) 100
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