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Ashton Virgin Sun Grown Sorcerer Reviews [view details]

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"A full satisfying good smoke."
One of the best cigars I have smoked and done so on a daily basis. Sadly, I have had several that tunneled, on average two per box. Starting to get pricy as well.
steve in alta loma, ca May 9, 2013
"Big sceen MMA, Serloin steak, VSG Sorcerer"
I've been smoking quality cigars for at least 30 years. I've tried em all. I only smoke a couple of cigars a month now and it's a big night at the cigar bar event. VSG Sorcerer is the perfect format to enjoy this blend. I alternate this with the E.P. Corrillo Elencos Elites. They are different cigars. But both are age worthy big night cigars. These two bad boys do me just fine at this stage in my life. I seldom try anything else anymore. Finding my two favorites and staying with them allows me to age my cigars for a long time without having a humidor the size of a closet. One advantage to cutting back a little (but staying with quality).
Marvin in Auburn, Washington June 23, 2012
"I found this cigar to be fantastic."
Picked it up at my local shop. Perfect draw, burn, and stayed cool throughout. Maduro for sure but the maduro flavor was excellent. Will definitely buy this again.
Scott Richardson in Charlotte, NC April 30, 2011
"The Ashton VSG is the Bomb!!"
The Ashton VSG is the smoothest, and tastiest Ashton I have ever had!! It is full bodied, without the harshness of a lesser cigar!! It is truly enjoyable!!
Brian in So. Cal March 23, 2010
"The Ashton VSG Churchill 5-pack sampler"
It is a mild to medium cigar. It is an average cigar in the tastes and flavors. It should be a seven dollars or less cigar's. Rocky Patel The Edge lite has better taste and flavor and alot cheaper.
T. in Plano, TX September 10, 2009
I often use the ratings on this site (a great feature!) to find new cigars. I tried the Ashton ASG Sourcerer but found it quite disappointing. My son kept asking me why it kept going out. Yep, couldn't keep it lit. I may try it again sometime down the road but these are quite pricey so ...maybe not...I'm trying to think if there was anything about this cigar to make me want to give it another try. I'm hoping I just got a hold of a bad one.
Bill R in Michigan August 17, 2008
"Only the best will do!!"
I'm hook on these cigars, great all around smoke, my humidor is bursting with this cigar, highly recomend, I buy a box or two when they come available.
Mike B in Brookfield July 27, 2008
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