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Aspira Corojo Reviews

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Aspira Corojo Toro
"Part 1"
Just got these and smoked one ROTT. Nice draw, straight burn and good spicy/sweet/mossy flavor. Gonna let these settle for awhile in my humidor. I'll let you know in a month or so how it went.
PS in Norman,OK April 8, 2012
Aspira Corojo Robusto
"Only cigar i have not finished"
very bitter flavor, taste like it was rolled with pepper instead of tobacco. Everything else was okay, but the flavor was just horrendous.
PS in Norman,OK April 8, 2012 December 11, 2011
Aspira Corojo Robusto
"Try Five, Billy boy"
The Corojos are crisp and clear from the start till the end, full bodied but with an even temper. Onward to the maduros 5 pack. Then to the victorious box
Hamm in Pittsburgh September 14, 2011
Aspira Corojo Toro
"Really enjoy this cigar"
I have smoked my fair share of FSS $3 and under offerings, and have found a winner here. Love everything about it-taste, aroma, burn-everything except the box-press, which I am not too crazy about. Given the price, i will gladly keep on buying and smoking them. Thanks to Nestor Placensia and FSS for this wonderful smoke.
Mark in Minneapolis August 5, 2011
Aspira Corojo Lonsdale
"spend the extra $$ and buy a quality Cigar"
prior to purchasing - impressed by the price and a some good reviews. post purchase - poor quality, poor draw, poor burn. you get what you pay for. low price / low quality cigar. will not consider buying again. will not bother smoking the rest - (trash can)
kevin in Fox Point WI August 3, 2011
Aspira Corojo Test Flight
"Wonderful smooth Smoke"
Great deal for the money, You cant beat the roll, the smoothness and the burn for the money!!
Marc in LA March 21, 2011
Aspira Corojo Torpedo
"good value"
i have over 200 cigars. some yard gars - learning curve - decent gars - good values - and premos - finding motherlode. rediscovered a box of corojos and lit one up. theses cigars remind me of why i smoke - excellent value and taste. try them.
rs in canastota March 20, 2011
Aspira Corojo Torpedo 5 Pack
"Really Really Nice Cigar"
Fired one up the other night in the man cave and was a little worried as I hate box pressed and wondered why I even bought these things. BUT then the smoke hit me, NICE. The taste was everything they said. The burn was really good but slightly waved back and forth across the cigar but was crisp. Just had a great time smoking this cigar, a real pleasure to the nub.
HC in HDG Md February 16, 2011
Aspira Corojo Torpedo
"Great value . . . reasonable cost"
These are the sticks I carry on vacation, and have shared them with many other cigar lovers. The consensus is that they are well made, consistent, with a spicy box taste profile and a cool even burn. The have good hand feel and great looks. It is always nice to have a high quality stogie to share without breaking the bank.
Neal in Oklahoma City December 17, 2010
Aspira Corojo Robusto 5 Pack
"Damn good cigar."
I don't understand the low ratings.I've smoked quite a few and always save my last one until I can get another batch.
mike in iowa November 20, 2010
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