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Aspira Corojo Reviews

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Aspira Corojo Torpedo
"Great value . . . reasonable cost"
These are the sticks I carry on vacation, and have shared them with many other cigar lovers. The consensus is that they are well made, consistent, with a spicy box taste profile and a cool even burn. The have good hand feel and great looks. It is always nice to have a high quality stogie to share without breaking the bank.
Neal in Oklahoma City December 17, 2010
Aspira Corojo Robusto 5 Pack
"Damn good cigar."
I don't understand the low ratings.I've smoked quite a few and always save my last one until I can get another batch.
mike in iowa November 20, 2010
Aspira Corojo Robusto
"Strong varying falvor"
I received this smoke in a sampler pack and I must say the falvor would change from very strong and bitter to more mild, it seems like it couldnt make up its mind on what it wanted to be. Didnt much enjoy the flavor, it seemed rather skunky
Rich in Michigan November 12, 2010
Aspira Corojo Robusto
"But WAIT... There's More!"
I had reviewed the Aspira Corojo back in July, and unfavorably, but I tried another yesterday. After two months in the humidor, the taste was remarkable -- strong, bold flavor, but not overpowering -- and all traces of bitterness were gone. It was good to the nub, and left me wishing I had bought a box back in July. Let this one sleep for for a while, and it'll be great!
Ben in MA September 15, 2010
Aspira Corojo Torpedo
"Top o Da World Ma - Top o Da World"
A beginner, I choose mostly smokes rated mild and occasionally broaden my horizons with a gamble. The Aspira was an eye opener for me. I understood the fuller flavor from the first draw, but the wrapper was mild to my sissy tastebuds and this cigar was the smoothest yet. It smoked consitently from Main Street to the back alley and I hated to part with the stub. The cool thing is that I also got 2 Robusto versions in a sampler I ordered. The Robusto was just as pleasurable. I'll keep these on hand form now on. Also a cool looking cigar that got a lot of babe attention in the club. BINGO!
Big Bad Tommy V in Memphis, TN August 18, 2010
Aspira Corojo Robusto
"Far Too Bold"
I got the Aspira Corojo as part of a ten-cigar Plasencia sampler. The first few puffs of this stick were intensely flavorful -- but the stick quickly turned sour and bitter. Perhaps I'm just not a fan of so FULL a flavor, but it seemed too harsh to me.
Ben in MA June 25, 2010
Aspira Corojo Toro
"Not worth $$$"
Tons of better tasting brands out their for the money.
Rich in Coraopolis June 15, 2010
Aspira Corojo Torpedo
Poorly constructed, lousy burn, awful taste. Nestor should be ashamed. The Reserva Organica is an amazing cigar. These are awful.
borndead1 in Kalamazoo, MI June 4, 2010
Aspira Corojo Robusto
"Great Flavor and good burn. Recomend."
Bought as sampler and best I thought out of 5 different cigars. Lots of flavor and had great consistency.
Richard in OK April 13, 2010
Aspira Corojo Robusto
I don't know what happened with this stick but, as I was twisting my punch into it, it literally EXPLODED. It didn't appear to be dry on inspection, and felt OK, but man this thing cracked all the way down from head to foot! I did try to at least taste it and from what I could tell, it was for sure full flavored and a bit strong. Although it was in my humi for over a month, I will let the other 4 rest a while longer and see what happens. Hopefully it was just a bad stick.
MARK in CARY, IL March 2, 2010
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