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Aspira Corojo Gordo Reviews [view details]

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I have been to two Big Smoke outings and no cigar I ever sampled there, all supposedly 90+ or beter ratings, could come close to the Aspira Corojo. This is the best cigar I have ever smoked. Guys, you gotta try these to believe them.
Tommy in Memphis April 12, 2013
"Excellent, all the way around !"
I have been corojo crazy lately. Trying many different brands. Have enjoyed A. Turrent Pure Corojo a lot lately. Saw these on sale and grabbed a box ! WOW ! These sticks are massive ! Well packed, and a shimmering almost veinless, "buttery" wrapper !. Great draw and awesome burn, slowly building in strenght ! Flavor was fantastic, with a Moderate finish. Smoked all the way to a 3/4" nub and then stuck a matchstick in to keep from burning my fingers !! A Good couple HOURS of enjoyment ! Picked up another Two Boxes Today, because at 54 bucks these sticks cant be beat !!
Robert in Virginia October 6, 2012
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