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Aspira Corojo Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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"Good to go every day cigar"
Nice burn smooth draw, last about one hour, just enough time for good conversation and a 16 year old scotch to follow it up.
Horacio in Capella August 9, 2014
"An ill burning cigar..."
The price was right, but these cigars have consistently had an uneven burn. I would not order these again.
Steve in November 7, 2013
"not bad, not great"
I bought a box of these based on my love of corojo and the "full strength" billing. They are decent cigars for 2.50 apiece. They are certainly not strong - more mild-medium - and they are not complex. Though one-dimensional, the flavor is not a bad one. Certainly better than, say, a Palma Real, but not as good as a C%26C Corojo. I bought the box on sale, and consider it a fair deal, but I won't be ordering more of these.
Jeff in Texas February 5, 2013
"good value"
i have over 200 cigars. some yard gars - learning curve - decent gars - good values - and premos - finding motherlode. rediscovered a box of corojos and lit one up. theses cigars remind me of why i smoke - excellent value and taste. try them.
rs in canastota March 20, 2011
"Great value . . . reasonable cost"
These are the sticks I carry on vacation, and have shared them with many other cigar lovers. The consensus is that they are well made, consistent, with a spicy box taste profile and a cool even burn. The have good hand feel and great looks. It is always nice to have a high quality stogie to share without breaking the bank.
Neal in Oklahoma City December 17, 2010
"Top o Da World Ma - Top o Da World"
A beginner, I choose mostly smokes rated mild and occasionally broaden my horizons with a gamble. The Aspira was an eye opener for me. I understood the fuller flavor from the first draw, but the wrapper was mild to my sissy tastebuds and this cigar was the smoothest yet. It smoked consitently from Main Street to the back alley and I hated to part with the stub. The cool thing is that I also got 2 Robusto versions in a sampler I ordered. The Robusto was just as pleasurable. I'll keep these on hand form now on. Also a cool looking cigar that got a lot of babe attention in the club. BINGO!
Big Bad Tommy V in Memphis, TN August 18, 2010
Poorly constructed, lousy burn, awful taste. Nestor should be ashamed. The Reserva Organica is an amazing cigar. These are awful.
borndead1 in Kalamazoo, MI June 4, 2010
"Creamy yet zesty delicious smoke"
Usually smoke maduros. Bought a box of these for variety. These are keepers! What a great stick for when you want a milder yet very flavorful cigar. Creamy and zesty, like a malted vanilla milkshake with cinnamon, an excellent flavor combination. The cigars are extremely well constructed, burn nicely with generous tight white ash and hold up very well right to the nub. I'd rate the experience 9.25. What a great value. Thanks Famous!
Randy in Mukwonago, WI April 30, 2009
"Surprisingly Good Smoke - ARTHUR, 'Call' Options ?"
Didn't realize how good a smoke this was until I lit up one of my [very decent] "everyday smokes" right after the Aspira -- had to put it down it was so bland. Great tasting cigar, very well made, but to me, not that "full", more like a good medium body. Dynamite value at the sale price. That's the problem, you don't know until you try it, and then it's back at the high price. Hey, ARTHUR, have you considered selling "CALL's" [the option] on these when you put them on sale ? A 21-30-day version, which allows a week of shipping time.
Dr. CA Yooper in SoCal - N.B. April 20, 2009
As stated: This cigar behaves exactly the same as Cuban Sancho Panza Belicoso, not really strong, great all around cigar... If you cut Aspira Corojo down to size and remove the band, I would swear on my life that I was smoking cuban Sancho. The wrapper, appearance, the burn, the ash, the taste... Earth, grass, leather, cedar and caramel. Nice burn line, solid ash, great draw... As I smoke strong cigars, this one was not a smack in your face, but strong enough to sneak up on you. Ideal for any time a day, save for the evenings when I want a kick with my libation. A definite box buy for everyday decent smoke.
Robert in Slovenia, Europe February 7, 2008
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10 Construction (87) 100
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