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Asylum 13 Reviews

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Asylum 13 Seventy
"Stupendous Achievement"
I have tried all of the Asylum 13 vitolas, including the SJ and Ogre, and they are all incredible smokes. The seventy is no exception to that. Cocoa and earthy notes abound amid a coffee and smooth spice background. Absolute favorite line of cigars.
Foxycigar in CT August 21, 2014
Asylum 13 Robusto
What a cigar! Beautiful to look at, and very well constructed. The wrapper is dark and slightly oily, and a dry puff reveals a definite cocoa/espresso taste. When lit, the taste is of smooth spice and a hint of cocoa. Very complex, and worth every penny. This cigar has become my absolute favorite. You WILL NOT regret purchasing one for yourself.
Foxycigar in Connecticut August 8, 2014
Asylum 13 Seventy
"Asylum 13 Seventy"
Was really surprised by this cigar. Better than cigars I had paid triple the ice for. Burned evenly, great draw, lit only once and burned till I put it out, and most important great taste and great price. I ve found my new go to cigar. If there was a complaint to have it was that the ash could have been tighter but I still got a 3 inch ash with no problem. I hope this was not just a freak good one I got out of the box. I was very impressed with this fine cigar.
Dan in San Clemente, Ca. April 28, 2014
Asylum 13 Seventy
"Great present"
my Uncle bought me this for my Birthday it was greatest present he ever bought for me everything about these cigar is perfect i recommend it you try it, it will surprise you
Yamuel in PR December 11, 2013
Asylum 13 Sixty
"Good, but not what I expected"
This cigar puzzled me given its crazy name. It has a complex, mild and earthy flavor register, but I did not find it as varied and lively as described elsewhere. After three, I am still wanting some richer flavor notes, but getting instead a constant unsweetened tea notes throughout. The complexity is there but hard to identify, all on the deep end of the scale. Not bitter, but not sweet either. Might be perfect though after a spicy meal, or with catfish and a mint julep.
David Ross in Indiana September 28, 2013
Asylum 13 Seventy
"Great First Impression"
Got my shipment today and fired one of these monsters up. Very smooth smoke. Draw is very easy, almost too easy, even with a V-cut. Tastes is very nice and not overpowering for this cigar. The burn on the first one is a little uneven, but still pretty good. Can't beat this smoke with a glass of Maker's Mark.
DJ Kallenbach in Atlanta July 9, 2013
Asylum 13 The OGRE Seventy
THIS 7X70 gave for its size is one of the best Cigars for its price. It has a smoth draw and wrapper burns a little uneven at times. The candycane design makes it a masculine must have for the Cigar Chief.The taste is mild with no after taste of die residue.Great smoke for conversation and patio grilling.Great reviews from smokers in Tampa,Ft. Myers,Atlanta and Jacksonville Florida. I had to give up web site before I could leave. Great smoke great time.
Asylum 13 The OGRE Seventy
"Surprisingly Good, Complex Cigar"
Hah! And I thought this would be a joke.. It's actually a very complex, mild to medium, flavorful cigar. The Candela makes a fresh flavored appearance right from the start, despite the size. It remains a thread throughout. There are mild chocolate and pepper flavors. The only complaint was some slight canoeing, but I smoked it outdoors and there was some wind.
Overworked in SoCal May 26, 2013
Asylum 13 Eighty
"Scary, but surprising!"
I wanted to try this for a while and decided finally to give in to the temptation. This bad boy is huge and its flavor kicks a punch. If you like habano or maduro cigars with a big flavor this should go on you list. Had to light it again once but it didn t effect the flavor at all.
K in New Orleans May 23, 2013
Asylum 13 Robusto
Nice cigar. Only smoked one. I'll rate it after a couple more. Deep dark flavors. Smooth. Slight sweet tobacco that is not overpowering as found in so many maduros.
Doug in Arkansas April 11, 2013
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