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Asylum Premium Petite Corona Reviews [view details]

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"Powerful little guy. Full bodied thru %26 thru."
Easy draw, burned well. Too much of a newbie to describe individual flavors, but even to my unlearned tongue, I tasted leather and several other flavors, a spicy, tasty broth. Full flavor from the start.
in April 4, 2014
Excellent little cigar. I have had no problems with the petite corona. One of my favs!
Keith in Austin, TX August 7, 2013
"A powerful little smoke"
Not for the beginner. This little guy packs a punch. Full draw, minor burn flaw corrected itself. Strong hickory and smoked cedar with some spice up front. Very good, strong, full-bodied 30 min smoke. Will buy more to age.
Drudog in VA January 9, 2013
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