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Augusto Reyes Factory Selects Dulce Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Buy a Maroma instead"
First time with this stick; I'm very forgiving because I know I coulda gotten a bad one or my taste isnt for everyone, ok? But if you like a mouth full of short filler that makes you need to spit a dozen times, or if you enjoy the last 2" (I do!). You will be disappointed. I had to chuck this log at the end because it literally became unsmokable-more like a lung resistance test! And you DO get alot of tobacco short fill in your mouth. Beyond that, I think "taste" is too subject to comment on, except that it was the same as a Maroma and worse than a Baccarat. So if you like a cheap n sweet smoke, buy the Maroma instead.
SC in Massachusetts October 7, 2012
"Worth to Buy"
If anyone want to enjoy good/decent cigar everyday for fair price, i recommended this!
C in Va June 4, 2012
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